Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Ryan got home early from work Friday... so he, Bentley, and myself made a Walmart run for their Valentines goodies before we picked Bryson and Brenna up from school. (I know, I know.. last minute) Walmart had a huge display of $5 DVD's.. we normally do not stop at these but decided to take a look. And I'm glad we did... they really had some great movies there. There was a huge selection, old and new movies. So we picked out a movie for Bryson and Brenna and continued our way to the Valentine sweets...

Bentley helped us pick out the rest for Bryson and Brenna's goody bag.

Bentley has been "into" pillows lately. Well, always... but more now than ever. So we found her a cute little bright colored pillow... it looks like a stuffed animal but turns into a pillow. She just loves it, along with her fruit snacks!!!

I just have to make a note of this Texas weather... it is SOOOO not Texas weather!!! It has been so cold, wet, and even a little snow. None of those are normal. We are not use to any of this, and it is down right depressing. Except for the snow part, we (at our house) has seem to miss most of what our surrounding towns have gotten - bummer, that would make it a little more exciting!!! We are use to lots of sunshine though... and we just haven't seen that in months!!! Our Texas winters are probably not considered "winter" to most of you, but this year has been a different story. I'm not complaining.. it's just really different and nothing we have ever experienced. It's really hard to adjust... we are ready for Spring!!!!

It was 20 something degrees this morning... in TEXAS!!!

How is the weather where you live?

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