Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I just love this picture... Brenna (in front-YEAHH!!) is just so amazing to me. We had her first softball tryouts ever last night (it was too dark for pictures). WOW, is she really old enough for this stuff? I just can't believe how fast time flies. If your a mom and reading this, I know you feel the same about your children. They all amaze me more every day... last night Brenna did very well, we were so impressed. We also found out she is quite the multitasker... this girl can go from socializing with her friends in the dug out to doing amazing on the field then back to socializing again, within a matter of seconds. I think it will be a while before she decides her favorite sport but she is stoked to be playing real softball now with the big girls. They really are big girls... because of her birthday she had to move up.. along with half the other girls in her grade, where as the other half of the girls in her grade have to play tball again because of late birthdays.

Her next soccer season starts within the next month. She is also very excited about that.

As you might I have noticed I have a new look... and I am just loving it. Here is my new button and code if you are wanting to update it on your blog or add it to your blog.

I have received many comments and emails about photography editing, blog, etc. tutorials you would like to see... they were all great! I am working on some of these and will let you know once I have them ready. If you missed out on that post, feel free to comment or email me anything you would like to see a tutorial on... again, I am no pro (far from).. but I am happy to share the way I do things with you.
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