Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I just had to add these in addition to yesterdays post. I was going through pictures last night and this is exactly what I am talking about. She just throws clothes over her head, throws them on the ground, then she is on her way. I love it!!!

We have some exciting things coming up. Since Bryson and Brenna are so involved in activities and Bentley is usually just along for the ride, we decided to "try" something out for Bentley. Just a little something for Bentley to do (although I know she will not realize she is actually doing something) I think she would appreciate it later on. I know Brenna would if it were her when she was younger (Brenna is just 2 months too old to be entered, she is bummed). So, there is a model search for a children's boutique located out of Vegas, we have decided to enter her into this search. I believe they pick 3 and then there is a fan favorite. Therefore if she is not chosen as one of the 3 then she might be considered for a fan favorite. We would really appreciate your help if this happens. The fan favorite is simply based off votes. I will give more details on the boutique etc. once we hear more and it's posted on their site.

Thanks friends!!!
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