Wednesday, February 3, 2010


We will soon be finishing up basketball season... and moving on to the next. It is very hard to get decent basketball pictures because this gym has such horrible lighting. Here are a couple of Bryson and Brenna in action...

Above is Brenna... this is her first year playing basketball and she is loving it. She really loves sports, she is quite the athelete as well. There is a huge difference when Bryson was that age playing and her. Brenna is very girly, she can definitely hang with the boys but she is girly. So she is not as serious during sports... she does great but while showing everyone what she's got she also puts on a little dance show too. HA!! We love that about her, she goes out there and has so much fun. As she runs up and down the court she will throw in a few dance turns. She gets super excited when anyone on her team makes a goal... she will do a little dance then. Oh I love love love watching her play. She is such a girl. Brenna has made 5 baskets so far this year, and I couldn't be more proud of her!!!

Above is Bryson... he's my boy, what can I say. He is a very serious athlete but has so much fun at the same time. You can't tell in the picture above but it is usually one of the smallest in size playing it is also one of the youngest in his grade. It doesn't hold him back, he's just awesome. He has such a huge heart for sports, all sports. He has made well over 40 baskets this season... I don't know the exact number but I know Bryson and Daddy do. HA!!! We only have a couple more basket ball games left.

Up next Brenna will be playing soccer, then softball (yes!! my baby girl is too old for tball so she is moving up to pitching machine - she's stoked) . Bryson will be playing for a select baseball team this year also known as travel team. He is super excited about this. Around here it is a huge compliment to be asked to play on one of these teams, so that for one has him smiling from ear to ear... but it's also tons of fun. We will travel (not far) over the weekends for tournaments. It's excited for the kids (all of them) because Bryson gets to do something he loves (a lot of it) and all the kids have a mini vacation to hotels with other friends. As most little ones, our kids love hotels... and it's only better when they have friends there with them to spend time and hang out. We have a very busy season ahead, but it is one of our favorite and we cannot wait for the weather. We have had an unusally cold winter, I am so ready for warmer weather. I know many of you up North will not think it's cold here, but we just aren't use to this. We use to joke and throw the words out there about moving to Kansas where Ryan is from... but it's clear our family would not make it. I think Ryan has even gotten use to warm/hot Texas weather, I don't think he could ever move back to Kansas.

And here is little Miss. Many of you have commented about how big she is getting and she is. I just can't believe her size, the things she does now, all she says now. It's just unbelievable how fast these babies grow. I have a few more pictures to post of her at a basketball game and she looks so old in those pictures. (I will post those tomorrow) Just the way she is standing, her facial expressions, etc. Oh and if you are wondering she started wearing pony tails at the beginning of the year. Big girl? She sure is!!!
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