Monday, February 15, 2010


Time for some "Not Me Monday" with MckMama!!!

It seems like I always run out of gas at the worse times... First let me just say that I do NOT sometimes wear pajama pants, flip flops, sweatshirt (bra-less), etc. to drop my kids off at school. No ones sees me so that would be okay, right (if I did)?! I often think to myself... "oh if I am dressed like this and I have car trouble I will be absolutely humilated." (again, if I did) Thankfully that has not happened yet... but I never thought what if I am super low on gas and have no choice but to stop at a gas station and get out of my car to get gas... woooha!! That so did NOT happen this week. Did I mention we live in a super small town where everyone knows everyone?

Yesterday being Valentines and all... I did NOT eat much more sweets than "real food". What kind of example would I be to my children?! That just did not happen. And I mean so much that I was absolutely miserable, oops.. NOT miserable. But it was my favorite sweet snack ever, puppy chow (not dog food- it's chocolate & peanut butter...mmmm)!! You can find the recipe here!!!

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