Friday, February 12, 2010


Valentines Day is quickly approaching. We love Valentines day in this house (or maybe just me)!!!

Although we are full of love, we keep it simple. I really enjoy the small things. We usually stay home (I'm not up for fighting the crowds)... and we do a nice dinner and movie. There are gifts involved but like I said we keep it simple!! Rather than Ryan spending a fortune on me, I love the small gifts. He always always always gets me a card (flowers and nice bottle of wine), the card is probably my favorite part because he always writes a special note and that just melts my heart. I fall in love all over again. See, Ryan is not big into romance. So these little notes he leaves me, really shows his heart.

We also make sure to have sweet goodies for the kids, and of course they love it!! Since Bentley is too young for that last year she got a new set of cute pacifiers... exciting, right. HA!! This year, it will probably be fruit snacks for the big girl.

Head over to Kelly's Korner to share yours!

PS. off subject but I have a question... do you use Twitter? I use to have one but ended up canceling it. I really enjoyed it and thought about making another account but can't decide for sure. Would love to know if you still tweet!!!
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