Wednesday, February 24, 2010


warning: tons of pictures, may take a minute to load. (that's what happens when it snows in Texas)

These are in no particular order... or should I say completely out of order. Anyway here is just a peak into our snow day in Texas.

Bentley wasn't outside for long at all. Only long enough for me to snap these pictures. It ran perfectly into her nap time. Bryson and Brenna made a few trips out, but we came inside often to thaw out.

Bentley wasn't sure what to think about the snowgirl. This is our 2nd snowman to ever make as a family. Ryan laughs at us... since he is from Kansas, he grew up with lots of snow. He said they never made snowmen there because snow wasn't a big deal. Well, here it is a big deal and you can drive down the road and see snowmen, or women, families, dogs, tunnels, all sorts of things. We only made one snowman because let's face it, it was a lot of work and the kids were more excited about dressing it up and snowball fights than actually making it. HA!!

This would be Brenna's snow girl. She hearts Hannah Montana, can you tell?

Bryson's of course. He seems to find a way to bring sports into everything. He topped it off with his gold track medal.

The kids wanted to test out the trampoline with snow...

I think they enjoyed it. They played in it for a while, and thank GOD for these protective nets. Although I remember falling off the trampiline many times when I was younger (when they did not make protective nets) and do not remember ever being hurt. Becoming a mom sure changes everything, eh?!

Bentley was amazed by the basketball. She loves saying "baw" I mean ball. I'm not sure if she just can't pronounce it correctly yet, or if that is how she will pronounce it... we have such strong accents. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I say "baw" myself. HA!! When I went to Kansas for the first time with Ryan, several years ago... his younger cousin who was then probably about 7 asked me "why do you talk like that?!" Needless to say, my children sound just like me.

They had so much fun yesterday. They had many snowball fights...

Bentley loved it too.... she loved walking in it. She really didn't touch it much.

I am so happy Brenna was able to make a snow angel. I'm not sure if I mentioned yesterday but she is always talking about snow angels... making them in the dirt or sand. So she was thrilled to be able to do this.
Bless her heart, she has a brother. No he really loves her, he just forgets he needs to be a little more gentle at times. This face didn't last long, then she was back to attacking him. She's a trooper and is going to be one tough gal. I don't have a brother but aside from this picture, seeing how much they love each other makes me wish I did at times. They really are extremely protective of each other. He is one of her biggest fans, and she is one of his.

Bentley enjoyed looking at the leaves.

Yes, he got me too.

I sure do love this face...

At one point Bryson pointed to a tree and asked me why that snow was yellow. HA!! Too funny, we have no pets, but our neighbor has an inside dog and it looks like he came to visit for a minute.

As much as I really enjoyed it, spring weather cannot get her soon enough. We found out that snow can be really messy and make the laundry add up a little quicker.
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