Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So these pictures are completely out of order. When I post several pictures, I can never figure out what order to upload them in because blogger post then backwards. Anyway, we had another great long weekend. We spent yesterday catching up on housework and sleep.

The kids on the way home Sunday night. Bless their hearts they all three played so hard this weekend. Brenna actually fell asleep while eatting her dinner. Her lap is full of food.

Bentley, being silly as always!!!

Bryson, sliding into home.

She loved climbing on the step of her stroller. She went back and forth for an hour with Grandma or me helping her of course.

Loving the beautiful Texas sun set while Bryson is batting!!!

I love this one- it has to be one of my favs from the weekend.

Bentley is wearing her shirt to support Bryson here... I wanted to show you all- but it was sooo cold and windy I could never get a good picture. She will wear it many more times, so I will share it with you next time.

I love this one because Bryson is batting and you see Ryan in the background. He is one of his coaches. So fun to have your dad as your coach too.

They just received their trophies!!! Bentley just loves the boys. They all love her too, anytime she is around they just swarm to her and play with her. Right now, she's probably wondering why they aren't talking to her but I'm pretty sure they were all checking their trophies out as well.

Bryson holding his 1st place trophy and Coach Ryan aka Daddy!!!!
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