Saturday, March 27, 2010


I know so many people in real life and blog friends that have been to Zumba classes and loved every minute of it. I have been wanting to give it a try for a while now but scared to. Scared to dance my hiney off in front of everyone else. I met a friend of mine at the gym last Thursday and we ran into a girl we went to school with.... she was standing in line waiting for the Zumba class to start. Anyway, she ended up talking us into giving it a try. She promised she has been many times and we would stay in the back where no one would see or pay attention to us. So we gave in. Within the first 10 minutes the instructor wanted to change things up and have everyone turn around so we ended up being in the very front for about 20 minutes. Totally embarressing - but I braved it!!! HA!!!!

I fell in love within minutes!! We had such a blast!! I was far from good but I am so addicted and anxious to go back. Seriously, I cannot wait until next week for the next class. I know many of you go... but I also know many of you have probably never heard of it. It is basically a workout class that involves hip hop, salsa, and so many more dance styles (lots of booty shaking). I love to dance... you might not know this about me but I was a cheer leader and on the dance team (not at the same time) while in school. I love love love to dance. This was the perfect thing. I also wore my heartrate monitor and I burned twice as many calories during the Zumba class than my normal workout. I like, I like!!!

Here is a short clip of a Zumba video for those of you not familiar with it. It looks a bit intimidating but Zumba is really good for everyone. There were probably 40 people in the class I attended and about 5 of the looked like PROS, but the rest were... just like me and often way of step- so I fit in perfectly. =)

Do you Zumba? If so, tell me about it!!! Does it work for you? I want to hear some success stories!!! Or if you don't like it, I just want to know your thoughts.

We're off to baseball and softball!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!! =)

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