Monday, March 8, 2010


This weekend we did some spring cleaning... the weather was great, we did not have any practices or games... nothing but a weekend with no plans. So we cleaned our house inside and out. While Brenna was going through her toys deciding which she wanted to keep and which she did not want to keep she came across some cute little Barbie shoes. I was in my room at the time and she walked in my room held up these shoes and said...

Brenna: "Mom, these shoes do not fit any of my Barbies, any of my dolls, or me. Where should I put them?"

Me: "Well, Brenna... honey... maybe we should throw them away. If we have no use for them, we probably shouldn't keep them."

Brenna: "Well, can I at least keep them for looks?"

Me: "Um... no, I don't think we need to keep them. You have several other Barbie shoes that fit your Barbies, so we will just keep those."

Brenna: "Okay Mom, I will go throw them away."

Brenna ran off and through them away while I continued to go through my room and she got back to hers. This happened Saturday... well today I had got to thinking and I have wondered if Brenna just might be a hoarder. So I asked her...

Me: "Brenna, will you go get those Barbie shoes for me. You know, the ones that do not fit your Barbies or you. I want to see them again."

Brenna: "Sure Mom.. I'll be right back!---- here you go mom!!!"

(just what I had suspected... she never threw them away!!!)

Me: "I thought you threw them away yesterday?"

Brenna: "No, I didn't... I wanted to keep them for looks!!!"

Does this make her a hoarder?! ;) I really think it's quite cute as long as her room does not begin piling up. Ha!! I love her personality so much, she always makes us smile or laugh about something.

We accomplished so much this weekend. As you might know if you follow me on twitter we have been updating our bathroom. We decided to take it to the next level and repaint, floors, everything (almost). I love love love the way it is turning out. We still have a few minor spots on trim to touch up, etc. but once it's all together I will see if I can take some decent pictures of it to share with you. I wish I had taken before pictures, but I did not even think about it at the time. It's really nothing big... just compared to the before we couldn't be happier with the results.

Bryson's travel baseball team starts next weekend. He will have his first travel baseball tourney ever. We are all very excited and he is just beaming!!! He loves baseball but has always played regular ball but this year he was asked to play for a travel team which is a huge compliment. Brenna's playing her first year of softball and she starts a couple weeks later. I am in the process of having Bentley a couple of shirts made to match each team. I am so exciting about this... she really is Bryson's and Brenna's #1 fan (well along we Ryan and myself) so she will be supporting her brother and sister 100%. I'll keep you posted on the shirts... I cannot wait to share them with you!!!

I have gotten so behind on emails, blogging, anything online pretty much.... since we did so much work this weekend... so if you have emailed, I am not ignoring you. I promise. I will get to them soon.

Pictures from updates COMING SOON!!! =)

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