Thursday, March 4, 2010


This week at Kelly's Korner we are talking about our typical day. Just a little recap of who I am... I am Crystal, married to my high school sweetheart... together we have 3 active children (1 boy & 2 girls) and I am a stay at home mom. You can read more about me and my family by clicking here.

My morning starts at about 4:30:

- I head to the gym for a workout at 5am before my husband and children awake.

- Return home to wake everyone, dress everyone, feed everyone (minus Bentley and myself) and head out the door to drop sister & brother off at school.

- Bentley and I return home for our breakfast.

- Bentley and I play, run errands, school parties, dr. appts, just anything that needs to be done...

- Bentley and I eat lunch... sometimes at home, sometimes with brother or sister at school, and sometimes with my husband.

- Bentley takes her nap after lunch while I clean, laundry, blog, etc. pretty much anything and everything I can get done while she sleeps.

- Bentley wakes up usually just minutes before we head out the door to pick up brother & sister from school.

- As soon as we get home we work on homework, reading, study for test, anything and everything that needs to be completed for school.

- After homework is finished it's usually time to head to practices. Bryson & Brenna are both active in sports year round so we stay busy. We usually have some type of practice every night or every other night.

- Once we return home, it's time to cook and eat dinner as a family.

- Bath time is usually next then we spend some family time together before bed... talk, games, movies, etc.

- Once the kids are in bed, Ryan and I spend our time together talking, watching our shows, movies, etc. and that ends my night.

- and it starts all over the next day!!!

Oh and my laptop stays in the living room, so I can easily check email.. blog.. etc. during any free time. =)

I know I have every little detail listed but we rely hugely on routine... and it sounds simple but we are usually running around crazy all day and weekends are even crazier. A stay at home mom sounds a lot easier than it really is but it is one of the hardest yet most rewarding jobs I have ever had. I am so grateful to be able to stay at home with my children and participate in school parties, etc. and just be there for them during every moment. It's a tough job but I love it and wouldn't have it any other way.

That's just a typical day in the life of this stay at home mom!! Can't wait to read yours!!!
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