Tuesday, March 9, 2010

SKATING TRIP (with video)

Update on the giveaway below, but first....

So a couple of weeks ago we took the kids skating... we really don't go much because it often gets overly crowded.

My sister also came. My kids are not familiar with skating... so this is how it started off (for my little sister too). One of the guys that worked there noticed Brenna so he brought over this handy "walker" looking thing with wheels, or should it be called a "skater"....

She LOVED it... and instantly became a pro. I love love love these pictures of Brenna, she has so much fun and you can see that she is trying so hard!!!

She turned the corners like I have never seen anyone do before...

Bentley enjoyed watching... but not for long so Ryan kept her busy while Bryson and Brenna played. We didn't see them much because you all know how "busy" Bentley is... she wanted to explore.

Bryson could not get the hang of skating... he spent most of his time on the side by the wall. Actually, I don't think he is even moving in this picture. Oh he will not like me posting about this... ha!!

Bless his heart, to be so athleteic on the field or court he just couldn't figure out why he couldn't skate. By the end, he got better and slowly moved away from the wall. He was proud!!! (this picture was not the end... he really did move away from the wall.)

They had such a blast!! I wish it did not get so crowded so we could go more, it's hard for beginners to skate when regulars are flying right on by and not paying attention to the little ones. We had a great day though, the kids enjoyed every bit of it (minus Bentley), even all the falling that is involved in skating. Maybe I will join them next time!!

Here is a short clip of Brenna in action at the beginning...

UPDATE on the giveaway.... anyone can enter - you do not have to have an account with the comment program or blogger. If you do not have an account, no problem at all. Just leave a comment as guest. Also, don't forget tomorrow is the LAST day to enter!!! Click here to go there now and enter!!!!
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