Wednesday, March 10, 2010


We have thought long and hard about what we could give Bentley's heart surgeon... Everytime we are in the office we see hundreds of pictures coming through of children that he performed life saving heart surgery on. I am so grateful that we were in the office one day as he was personally handed these pictures directly out of the "mail"... I remember it like it was yesterday. It was our very first visit (we have already consulted with several cardi's and surgeon's but I HAD to meet him before we went any further, in fact we already had a surgery date scheduled with a different surgeon- not sure if I talked about that. More about the begining of Bentley's journey can be read here.) So, it was our first visit... and his face LIT up as he was going through these newly mailed pictures and thank you cards. I am so glad we had the opportunity to see this because I will never forget his reaction. He cares so much for these children not just dr. to patient but on a personal level as well. These kids are not just a paycheck to him, he LOVES these kids with every ounce of his heart. This is one thing a parent DOES want to see, he made our hearts smile so big that day. We knew before we left we were going to go with him (not just because that-many many reasons). So, May will be 1 year since Bentley's open heart surgey by this amazing world famous (he really is known all over for his gift) pedi heart surgeon. We wanted to wait to send something then, but we have already had this neat book for a couple months now, and well... I'm not very patient. So we might be sending it out earlier.... here is Bentley's very own book...

We could not decide on just 1 photo to send him, so we decided to send several, and what other way than this awesome book. We are so happy with the results we have ended up buying several more for close famiy.

I did not take a picture of all pages, just a few. On the first page inside of the book, we have a special note to our surgeon thanking him for all he as done. Although there aren't enough words to describe how thankful we really are, we wanted to personalize it for him and share a piece of our heart with him.

The photo of Bentley above is the last picture before her open hear surgery. I was holding her just minutes before she was on her way to surgery. She was hungry and very tired. Bless her heart, I will never forget her face when she left me arms.

I skipped a few pages for you, you can see the edge of one above... these were photos that were hard to see. She had just come out of surgery. I have never shared them here and haven't decided if I am or not. Maybe I will on her 1 year post surgery post in May... I'm just not sure yet. The above picture is actually her first picture after she was moved to the regular floor. She was having a tough day. She's so strong though. Stronger than I'll ever be. The page on the right says "such a big miracle, in such a little girl" It is so true!!!

Above are pictures that were taken shortly after her first day on the regular floor. It was no time before Bentley was sitting up and showing that huge personality of hers again. What a trooper!!!

Daddy and me loving on our sweet girl while in the hospital. The one of daddy and her was after surgery and the one of Bentley and myself was the day before her surgery. She loved the hospital wagon ride... it is all we could do to keep her busy, she was so restless towards the end. She wanted to go go go!!! Then Bentley in her carseat when we were about to leave. Bentley was in her carseat for less than 5 minutes and she passed out - we were still in our hospital room. Bentley does not like carseats or riding in the car, she usually screams the whole time and she has always been this way... but I think on this day, she was comforted by her carseat and I think she knew she was going home (well a hotel for a week). But she knew she was leaving the hospital.

Then the back!!! We are so happy with the results of her book. We will definitely be making many more books in our lifetime... Bryson is wanting a sports book of him next. And I think it's an excellent idea. Brenna hasn't decided what she wants for her book, but I'm sure she will think of something creative... she always does!!!

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