Friday, April 16, 2010


I cannot believe I am posting old pictures. ha!! I'm not sure if I am more embarressed about posting old pictures or more embarressed about the fact that I couldn't figure out my scanner so I had not choice but to take an actual picture of the picture. HAHA!!! I am such a computer nerd and know almost everything there is to know about this stuff (well, not quite but you would think I could figure a scanner out) but I have never been able to successfully scan a picture on my big huge printer. Anyway, I gave you my word yesterday and I have stuck to it... here are some old pics of Ryan and myself way back in high school...

And the actual topic of this post... how we met.

(this was my junior prom, he had already graduated - our second prom together. The prom I mention below was my sophmore and his senior.)

Ryan is from Kansas, he moved here when he was in high school due to his parents relocating for work.. I have gone here all my life. I even lived in my childhood home all my life. That's how big of a small town girl I am (and that house is less than 2 miles from where we live now). I was/am 2 years younger than Ryan. Once he moved here he became good friends with my older sister's boyfriend... so they would always "hang out" so I eventually got to know Ryan and we became friends, and friends only. In fact we ended up getting Biology together and he sat right beside me. I remember we would pass notes back and forth to each other, actually we wrote notes in a sprial notebook and passed it back and forth. We thought it would be less obvious we were writing notes than listening... ooopss!! Bad, bad Crystal!!! I remember writing to him letting him know who I liked (his friend) and asking him to try to "hook us up" you know help us become "boyfriend/girlfriend" HAHA!!! I really don't remember what else we wrote but I can't forget that because he still to this day gives me a hard time. HA!!! What I would give to have that spiral notebook back and read everything we talked about. Never would we have thought we would be married with 3 kids years and years later... needless to say, he never told his friend I had a crush on him. =)

So as we became closer friends, we eventually would see each other more with my sister and her boy friend. He ended up asking me to prom his senior year, my sophmore year... and the rest was history. Okay, no... not quite... we went as friends because I just wasn't "into" him. He hates hearing that... he was mr. cool guy that a lot of girls crush over so for this 1 (me) to not really be interested was different for him. It didn't take long after prom for me to come around and notice just how much he was interested in me... we started dating... a week later.

It was summer time and I remember slowly spending more time with him than I did my friends.

And the rest, my friends... is history. We were inseperable at this point. He proposed to me in 2001 and we married in 2002.

I was going through our pictures yesterday when Ryan got home from work so we both started looking together... it was so nice. We started with these and then moved on to baby pictures of all the kids. We had so many laughs and really enjoyed remembering old times.

We would laugh so hard about how we looked. I have a different color "blonde" in each picture and my roots are just rediculous. I can't believe my mom allowed me to go to school like that. Oh, and you can tell I did not have a chi iron either. Nice frizz, huh!! Our clothes... oh goodness, what were we thinking. I have on tight short tops that a little of the stomache showing was a must.. and hoochie shorts. And Ryan... why yes, my husband was wearing an earring and a big chain/necklace!!! HAHA!!!! Sadly, this is what everyone looked like though... oh how times change. But thats why I enjoy looking back so much. It's so fun to see how we have changed.

As we moved on to the kids baby pictures, we noticed we dressed them in things... I would not dare to now. It's crazy how FAST things change too.

Well, that's just a little glimpse into our past and how we met.

Try not to laugh too hard!!! =)

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!!
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