Tuesday, May 11, 2010


What a super busy time for us right now!!! So that is part of the reason for my absence... but you can always guess when I go missing, I am usually up to something and it is no different this time. Big change is in the works... I don't know if it will be good or bad but it will be change. I have started on these changes, but it will take a little time before they are ready to go. I'll keep y'all posted.

We have been overloaded with baseball and softball. And any time we are not at one of those, we are running around crazy at home to keep school work, and other things in order. I am so ready for summer... so ready!!!

Also a prayer request... Ryan's grandfather in Kansas is very sick with cancer- he has been fighting it long and hard. Since they live so far from us (in Kansas), it is extremely hard to get there to visit - and that makes this even harder for Ryan. We received the horrible phone call last Thursday that he only has 2-3 weeks left before his earns his angel wings. Ryan is my rock and he is so strong more times than not, in fact the only other time I have seen him so upset and cry is when his other grandfather passed away to cancer 9 years ago and when we found out about Bentley's heart. That's it. My heart aches for him... we watched cancer take over my grandfathers body and he passed away a couple of years ago and it about killed me. These are people in our lives that are always suppose to be there, you know. I had an extremely hard time dealing with my grandfathers passing and I just pray that Ryan (and their whole family) finds strength and understanding during the next few months. I am also praying consistently for Ryan's grandfather... he is at home with his wife. He is an amazing man that will be greatly missed.

Hope you my friends have a great day!!!
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