Tuesday, August 24, 2010


It's not easy to get a picture of these 3 together. I try all the time but it usually turns out like this. ha!! And that's even a good one for us, she is usually running out of the picture. Bentley, that is.
So today I have a 4th and 1st grader. Oh my!!! They are both very excited and like I said before it's bittersweet for me. I think Bentley will be a little upset for the first week, I don't think she'll know what to do with herself without these two home all day. I know this, because we went through the same thing last year. Even though she was so young last year I could notice little things here and there that showed us she was missing her big brother and big sister. She'll adjust.

Finally out of about 100 pictures, they are all looking, well... kind of!! Yeahhh!!!!

Bryson moved to a different school this year (building) so it was pretty much a big step. He really doesn't or didn't want me to walk him in but he also wanted to do what the majority were doing. I know I know, peer presure already. But I support it in this case. I can see why he would feel this way. If I walked him in and no one else did then obiviously he would have felt akward and embarresed. And if everyone else walked their kids in and I did not Bryson then he would have felt "left out" and wouldn't want people to see that his mom didn't walk him in. I totally get it. As we arrived we noticed more were walking in, so he wanted me to. I'm glad I did, of course I enjoyed every minute of it. BUT because of him being a big 4th grader now I was not able to get a picture. I realize this was probably going to be my last year to walk him in and I didn't want to press my luck and sneak a shot. Bryson is funny, he would have been humiliated if MOM was pulling a mamarazzi during the first day of 4th grad AT school. So I respect that, and did not attempt. I'm just glad he wanted me to walk him in.
As we pulled up to Brenna's school, Brenna DID NOT want me to walk her in. But she is in 1st and I feel that's still my call. ha!! When she is in 4th I'll think a little longer about it. ha!! So I walked my baby girl in and took a couple of pictures. She has a few friends in her class so that's exciting.

Brenna asked Bentley for a hug before we left. While Brenna is hugging Bentley, Bentley is getting into someone elses backpack.... OOPS!!!
We headed out after hugs and kisses.
Oh and I just remembered... I wasn't thinking, probably because I'm just as nervous as the kids were going back and I told Bryson "I love you" before I walked out!!!! OOOHHH NO!!! What was I thinking... He replied " OKK MOM." Bless his heart, I felt bad. Hopefully he will forget before I pick him up.
Off subject but Bentley's birthday party was a huge success. She had a blast. I will post about this tomorrow maybe.
Have a great day friends, and Happy New School Year!!!!

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