Friday, August 20, 2010


Happy Birthday Bentley Reese!!!!!!! We love you to pieces!!! Can't believe my baby is TWO today. I don't know what I did but God sure has blessed me with an amazing husband and 3 perfect kids. We had such an awesome day celebrating... Bentley sang and danced the day away... it is amazing how much older she acts. About a month ago I swear she grew over night. She says just about anything and everything... has been saying a few small phrases... it's really weird actually... her voice is so soft and when she does it she says things really fast but they are so CLEAR. She doesn't sound TWO!!! When people hear her say certain things everyone in the room just looks at each other in question... you would never think a two year old could talk the way she does. Of course I try to get it on video but it is one of those things that she does on her own and not on demand.

Her birthday party is tomorrow and I am so excited to share pictures from it and one of her new gifts!!! She is going to LOVE it!!! & hopefully I can catch her talking.

Have a good night friends!!!! =)
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