Monday, August 2, 2010


I really don't have much to post about at the moment... or lets just be honest. I have a ton to post about but the pictures haven't been uploaded to my computer yet. oops!!

So... what are your favorite shows right now? I know a popular one is Big Brother... but I have never really watched it, so I never got addicted to that one. One of my BIG favorites and I know I will probably get a lot "ugh's" on this one. haha!!! Housewives!!! I love the housewives... pretty much all of them (location wise). And there is a new one coming... not sure how that one is going to be, it's in the D.C. and first time for that location. Because I watch housewives I also watched the season of "Bethenny Getting Married"... I have to say, I really do like her. She is hilarious. I enjoyed that show, it was super sweet.

Lets see... some more favorites... ohhhh, "Friday Night Lights" This one might be a little out there for some... but... I think we cling to it because it suppose to take place in Texas and all the southern accents flowing. I hate that I just said that because us Texans might be compared to the characters in the show and that's not true, at all. We do have major southern accents, and we do love us some Friday night lights on the field but it stops there. HA!!!

That's all I'm into at the moment... it's not the prime time for me. hee hee!! Oh and I will go ahead and confess... I love me some Days of Our Lives soaps. ekkk. I have been glued for years. I clearly have no time for TV at noon M-F so thank goodness for DVR. I DVR them all and pretty much have marathons on the weekends (without commercials- YEAHH!!) Or any other time I can squeeze them in. Please tell me I'm not the only one that watches soaps?!! But that is the only one I watch, it's also gotten weird here lately, ready for some parts to be over.

But that's pretty much it right now. So what are some of your favorites?
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