Friday, August 13, 2010


I am curious... who is your internet provider? I am looking to change mine for many reasons and would love to hear suggestions... who you use, if you like them, etc.

I hate paying bills, I hate looking at bills, I hate the word bills... everything about bills just make me sick.

It's all together just a huge mess when I sit down to pay mine. Does anyone else feel this way?! HA!!!

Seems like something is always wrong so I have to end up calling... they can never answer my questions and that's if I even get to talk to someone. I usually get the recording system over and over and over because my house is not quite enough... they can never determine what I am saying because they hear 3 loud kids in the background. ha!!! I always get "I am sorry we did not understand you, can you please repeat what you are needing" UGHHHH!!!!! I use to be able to press "0" and it would transfer me to a rep, but that never works anymore.

I could go on and on.... sorry about my rant. Just frustrated and needed to vent. HA!!!

But I really am looking for a new internet service provider.... suggestions?!

Thanks friends!!! Hope you have a super weekend!!!!
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