Tuesday, August 17, 2010


We are just days away... it really is bitter sweet. When you are a stay at home mom, back to school, is really a lot like your little ones starting kindergarten all over again. Sad. Emotional. Nervous. I really am happy for them because I know they will love it. Bryson and Brenna both love school, they really enjoy going. Brenna has many friends in her class so I know she is stoked and ready to go. This is a big year for Bryson... he will begin switching classes this year. He will do just fine though, I just know it.

We have been spending our last few days of summer playing, shopping, playing, shopping, and more shopping. And I have been spending my nights organizing and cleaning. Even though I will be a bit emotional once school starts back up, I am looking forward to having more time during the day to take care of things like housework, yard work, and other exciting things I am trying to work on.

I will soon be doing a super fun review that you can read all about here. It will fall into place with Bentley's birthday... yes I said her birthday... it's in THREE days!!!!

I have also posted the winner of my last giveaway here.

I'm going to get back to organizing now... yes it really is 2:35am and this is not a scheduled post. ;)
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