Friday, September 3, 2010


Hi friends!!!

First I know many of you have a Facebook... so I wanted to let you know you can connect with me on Facebook here.

Now to way more serious stuff...

I am having issues with a teacher... =( Never thought this day would come. It is one of Bryson's teachers and he has not had any issues with her directly YET. But I have to admit I do NOT agree with the way she teaches and punishes the kids. She is way too strict and way too harsh. I have major concerns... and I am pretty much PISSED that this is my son's teacher. To be honest, I feel like my 4th grade son is at boot camp or an alternative school or something. I have talked to several parents and their children's teachers do not act anything like this. I have been so bummed, I cannot tell you how many crying fits I have had because it's not fair my son has to go through this. Or anyone's child for that matter.

So tell me... what do you think the best way to appraoch this situation is?

Thankfully, I have a great friend that is principle at another school district and she agrees with me 100% that it is not right. She has given me advice, but I would love to hear your thoughts.

I often wonder if I am over reacting but the fact remains that my son is only 9. Yes, they are trying to teach them to be more "grown up" now, but at the same time... he is only NINE.

UGGGHHHH.... I'm totally stressing over this.
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