Thursday, September 9, 2010


God was really watching over Bentley and I yesterday.. and here is a little proof. Our day started out normal.. running errands. We live in a small town but we live like 5-10 minutes away from a large area... there are a few ways to get there but yesterday we took the main highway. Also if you haven't heard Texas has gotten A LOT of rain the past few days. Many areas have flooded... not here just around us. But there has been lots of rain and very wet here. Anyway, so as we are driving down the highway in the pouring rain... I hear a noise outside of the passenger door. Hmm... I am so clueless about these things. Honestly it sounded like something was hanging out the door flapping in the wind- with my three kids I would not have been surprised if it were. That's all I could think it would be... so as I kept driving it got louder... I'm a super paranoid person so I pulled over (in the poring rain) and checked it out. Nothing. It was absolutley nothing. I did not see ANYTHING. It ate at me the whole trip. I pulled over 5 different times making sure I didn't see anything. There was absolutley nothing. Finally once we got home I looked again and FINALLY this is what I saw. I about flipped out. It's kind of hard to see but it is basically my tire falling to pieces. YES... PIECES. It's just eaten itself along the inside. So so so so SCARY!!! We knew we needed tires soon, but NOT this soon. My gawsh.

I realize Bentley and I were very lucky considering my tire, fast highway, in a crazy storm. PRAISE HIM!!!

Completely off subject... I posted a review on my review blog. It is one of the cutestest tinngs EVER!!! Go see!!!
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