Tuesday, October 5, 2010


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Remember months and months ago when I posted about a puppy we were wanting.... well, we have finally decided to go ahead with it. It's always been hard for us because it seems like it's just never been the right time to commit ourselves to something so precious. We have been wanting a pug for years... Then we decided to have a third baby so that delayed it even longer, then through our heart journey with Bentley there was no way we could do it... so now that we are finished having children... Bentley is past her surgery (praying for no more)... and Bentley is 2 so she is older... we feel that we are finally ready. The kids are ready... we have been on the hunt for a while now for the perfect family dog.

Like I said we have wanted a pug for years, but out last visit to Kansas Bentley spent a little time with her Grandma's Shih tzu.... and they became best friends. Her name was GG (such a good dog) and Bentley talked about GG for months after that visit. That's when we knew it was time for a family dog. It also made us think twice about a pug... should we get a pug or a shih tzu... that was the question for months. In the end we decided to go with pug after all that is what we have wanted for years, they are great with kids. We have had a hard time finding one in our area (and for a decent price) but we finally found a breeder and the mommy will be having the pups first week of November, so they will be ready in December. =))) It's going to be so hard spending this much on a puppy, but as many of you mentioned to me before it's normally better that way. Needless to say we are so excited!!! We need your help with something... NAMES!!!! We are going to have a girl... and I want something cute, and it's okay if it doesn't fit the pugs "look"... ha!! So please please please help us out and let me know some super cute girl puppy names.... unique is always good too... can't wait to hear them all!!!
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