Thursday, September 23, 2010


Our school has an annual celebration in November. Each class (out of the whole school) picks a girl and boy from their class... the girl and the boy are Duke & Duchess and they will walk out on stage in front of MANY MANY people the night of the celebration to represent their class. Bryson was chosen to do this his 1st grade year. It's always fun to dress super nice and an honor to be selected for this as well. Bryson sported a super sharp white tux that night... I remember it like it was yesterday. Bryson has not had the chance to be it again because once you are selected you are not allowed to do it again for a few years so others have a fair chance to have their turn. However, Brenna came home so excited telling me she was picked for "Duke & Dungeons" ;) I said "Duchess?" and she said "yes mom!! I forget". Anyway, she is just thrilled about this. The little boy she will be walking with is such a cutie too. I went to school with his mom.

A cute little story about Brenna... she wanted to be picked so bad last year she tried voting for herself, but when she returned it to the teacher the teacher made her change it because you can't vote for yourself. lol. Well, this year apparently she thought she would give it another try and her teacher didn't mind (or didn't look at it until she had them all)... so yes, Brenna is a voting for herself type of girl and I just love that to pieces.

When I explained to her exactly what she would do that night.. which is walk on stage with the boy in your class, stand there for a minute and walk off the stage. She said "what?! That's it?!!!" I said "yes, Brenna-that's it... are you wanting to dance or something?" and she says.. "uhhh YEAHHH!!!" She cracks me up. I love that my children are all so completely different from one another. Bryson and Brenna are complete opposites and I love every bit. I will be excited to post pictures as tackle this night. Brenna will need a formal dress, shoes, jewelry, and her hair done. Yep, it's pretty much the whole works.

Loved hearing everyones thoughts on my last post. I agree with all of you, completely... I was waiting for a bad comment to come through, but thankfully that didn't happen. ha!! Needless to say, I will be watching it again. lol. And thanks to those of you that did mention the positives at the end of the show that I missed out on. And I do want to note because I don't think I typed it out clearly yesterday... I realize people that have gone through such loss do suffer many challenges... and need to be there. I'm not saying they shouldn't be there, etc. I wasn't upset the fact about the people at all. I was upset because I feel the show is using their situtations for ratings. Reading back it doesn't sound like that was the point behind my vent, and that's what it was about.

Oh, and I CANNOT wait to share some news with you. I have such exciting and wonderful news to share tomorrow. I have been mentioning little things here and there for months now but seems like I have finally gotten things rolling... I will share more tomorrow. Can't wait!!!!!
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