Thursday, March 24, 2011

To come back or to not come back...

that is the question. WOW. It has be a LONG time. My orginally plans changed... everytime I try to turn this blog into something else, it's just too hard. I miss blogging. I miss my blogging friends too. This blog means SOOOO much to me since Bentley's whole heart journey is in it. I'm emitionally attached and just can't bear to 'delete' it or 'change' it. I am strongly considering coming back to blogging. Hmmm... such a hard decision.

Things that have been going on... um... you guessed it. Sports! All 3 little ones are just great and Bentley is still doing just amazing. She might be a little rotten but that's it, and of course we allow her to be rotten. ;-)

Other things going on... I have recently branched out from the web design and have started Presh Prints. - super cute birth announcements and birthday invitations and more to come... super excited about this and this is where I spend most of my extra time.. I'm just stoked.

Still thinking about the blog... until then, find me on facebook I'm there regularly. =)

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