Monday, April 25, 2011


This is Crystal aka "You and Me Plus Three"... YES, I have an exciting new name...

Here's the deal... a few months ago I decided I would close my blog, only to miss the heck out of blogging. =) I have decided to come back. Over the past couple of months, I realized how much my blog meant to me and served as a scrapbook for our family. I knew my blog served as a scrapbook for our family then, but reading back it really openned my eyes as to just how important it was. I am very sad that I don't have a scrapbook of things going on in our lives over the past few months. Shame on me for quiting. Super excited to be back. I'm sure there are a few that aren't happy about this as a couple of post ago... they let me know exactly how they felt. But it's my blog... I will keep it... and post what I want as I want... for ME. After all no one made them "follow" me and no one made them "read" my blog. I'm excited!!

So why the new name?

"You and Me Plus Three" was thought up quickly and is and was very common. I was going through Bentley's heart issues and new to blogging so I really didn't know what I wanted... I just wanted to write about her heart to keep friends and family updated. So it was the first one that came to mind so I did it in a rush.

I want my blog to be more "fun" and "fitting" for our family. "Bring It On" says it all... first if you have been reading you know that 75% of our time is spent with our oldest two in sports. Many of my post are about my kids and their sporting events. "Bring It On" also stands for something very different... Bentley's heart. Bentley, our youngest, was born with a heart defect and underwent major open heart surgery when she was just 9 months old. That was the reason for me starting my blog in the beginning. If you read then, you know I had a very hard time with this journey... it's not easy. It is a lifetime journey... a lifetime fight. My thoughts now... Bring it on... Bentley has been amazing and she has been a fighter since day 1. She will fight this, she is fighting this. And since life can sometimes simply be HARD in many ways... we have to keep on pushing. It can easily bring us down at times, but during those moments my thought needs to be... Bring It On. Easier said than done, I know. That's a big struggle of mine.

I'm so excited to be back!!

And you can expect me to post about all the same topics... this is my family blog. So our life in general as a family of 5 and I will most definitely conintue too post about Bentley's heart. Her next appointment is in June (1 year since her last cardi appointment). She has not had any issues whatsoever, she has been amazing. Such a blessing!!


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