Wednesday, April 27, 2011


... that's exactly what it has been in most of Texas this past week. Where we live, we usually do not see many tornados, so it has been shocking in a sense. There have been a couple of times our family has had to camp out in the hallway in the past few years... but a lot of Texas have been doing it on a daily basis this week. It's been ugly... but thankfully where we live the damage was very minimal. Just praying other areas can say the same.

I took a quick picture from my phone lastnight while we were in the hallway, it was about 10pm and Bryson has TAKS test today so he needed his rest. I made a cozy pallet in the hallway for the kids to sleep on and we had a mattress right beside them ready to cover us all if needed. Not sure if you can tell... Bentley is faking. ha!! She was wide a wake. She kept saying "ohhh the thuner is coming" (thunder).

I actually started writing more here to catch you up on what we've been up to, but it ended up being too long. I saved it and will post it tomorrow. I'm probably what you would call a "lazy reader" yet I can't ever stop rambling. ha!! So I'll try not to write too much in one post.

I'm pretty sure the constant storms have passed and I'm happy about that. But I wish we would get more rain. We. Need. It.

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