Friday, April 29, 2011


Quick catch up post so I can start from here...

We have been busy playing sports. As usual. ;-)

Brenna is playing softball. It is her second year playing coach pitch softball. She is one of the older girls and she is loving that... she is doing so great. Brenna's cousin is also on her team. They are having a blast playing with each other. We requested that for grandparents sake. Grandparents are already running around crazy every weekend to make it to all the grandkids sports so when a couple are on the same team it helps. The girls are also BFF and they go everywhere with each other as it is. ha! They are thinking about running summer track together. It would be Brenna's first year participating in summer track but she knows exactly how it works because Bryson ran for a couple of years. He enjoys it but no longer has enough time for it. We let him pick and choose exactly what he wants to do. We are not those crazy sport parents you might see out sometimes. ha!! I promise, we are NOT!!

We let the kids choose what they want to participate in if anything. We are just their ride and most importantly... biggest fans.

Bryson is currently playing select/travel baseball and select/travel basketball. It is our first time with select/travel basketball... and he is loving that. When you travel it's always more competitive and serious. Bryson enjoys that versus playing all local kids in little league. If they are a little advanced in the sport it really is better for them to have that extra competition. They learn so much more that way. It's also a lot of fun staying at hotel every weekend. That is one of Bryson's (& Brenna & Bentley's) favorite part. We usually stay in a hotel 2-3 times a month for these tournaments and it's nice for the boys (who are also great friends) to hang out, swim, and just have a good time. Always great for the parents too. We sort of lose our social life... the other boys parents pretty much become our best friends. ha!! It's great though. At the same time it is very exhausting being on the go so much. We currently have practices every night of the week, but we do have Tuesdays off. And weekends are full with tournaments and games. Bryson chooses baseball over basketball so he will go to these tournaments (he will not miss those) and when he doesn't have a baseball tournament if basketball is in a tournament he will play there. He does have off weekends too so it's NOT every weekend. As you can see this leaves absolutley NO time. It's not always easy to fit in yard work. If you are a sports parent you know what I mean. ha!!

Like I said, the kids love it and choose to play so we support them and will do what we have to do to make it work. It's not always easy... often I miss one of Bryson's games a weekend because Brenna has one at the same time. So Ryan will take Bryson (he's one of Bryson's coaches) and I will take Brenna.

You might be wondering being so busy how do they have time for school/homework... it works. School is first priority. Homework is done as soon as they get home from school. Bryson and Brenna both have had all A's all school year. If they were struggling, their sports would slow down. School first, then sports.

That's pretty much all we have been up to. A little house updating when we can fit that in but that's about it. I hate long post... sorry!! And I'm sure no one has any interest in any of this. But it's all for me. I want to be able to look back.

I will post for now on from this point.

This weekend Bryson has a baseball tournament and Brenna has a game tomorrow. Another busy one!!

Have a great weekend!!! =)))

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