Sunday, February 15, 2009


So I live in Texas.. anyone else hear these "explosions"? Or see the fire ball or smoke trail in the sky this morning. I am overly paranoid about everything and this has had be shaking all day. All over the news it is said that it is not confirmed but it is believed to be from the satellites that collided last week. Well, I just read an update on the internet that said there is no connection between the sounds of explosion and sitings today to the colliding satellites! WHAT? Are you kidding me. I am having a nervous breakdown here. I did hear the noise. We were just about to leave to go visit family. The kids were in the car and my husband and I ran back in the house for a couple things we forgot. Then the noise came... I immediately stopped and looked at him and said "Is the thunder? Please tell me it is!", we kept looking at each other a it lasted much longer than a little thunder.. so we know it wasn't. We both ran out side and jumped in the car with the kids and I called my mom to ask if she had heard it. Nope she didn't. But my dad saw the craziness in the sky. He saw a line of smoke in the sky and what looked like a fireball at the bottom of it. That really got me shaking..

Any of you fellow Texans hear or see anything today? Know any new news?

Here is the only video I can find on it.

* It was not just seen or heard in Austin, Texas..

** UPDATE 2/16 - FAA says Sunday fireball was a meteor


  1. Thanks! Glad you found me. I'll have to check your page out. I look through it some, but will have to read more when I get a chance.

    Yes i swear I felt and heard something...not sure if it was anything to do with the Explosion but my husband and I heard something.

  2. If there isn't much news coverage of it, maybe it's a weird secretive Govt thing? Weird.

  3. Hi! I just found your site and have been catching up on your sweet girl's story...praying for her this morning!

    I am in the Waco area, and I saw and heard the noise/fireball too. Not sure if you ever found out what it was, but to my understanding it was the rocket tests that go on in Mcgregor...just thought you might like to know :)



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