Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I'm in awe today as I have finally watched the movie called, Something The Lord Made. It is a true story about the very first open heart surgery that was performed in 1944. The worlds FIRST open heart surgery was performed on a baby that had Tetralogy of Fallot. WOW! What are the odds of this.. out of the many many heart conditions, it is the same heart condition Bentley has. And I have to say I really do not understand how CHD is not more known considering the history. There is amazing history behind open heart surgery that will interest several different people, not just people that are experiencing heart related issues. I would recommend this movie to anyone and everyone. It is by far my favorite movie. Take a look at the preview below.. if you have HBO, it is on HBO demand right now. You can watch it at no charge, if you do not have HBO, you can buy or rent it. I have heard about this movie since day 1, but I was scared to watch it. My husband and I finally got the courage to watch it last night.

I do need to mention since it is CHD awareness week. Considering the world's first open heart surgery was performed on a baby, why is it not more known? I just don't understand. When we hear open heart surgery, we immediately think adult. What about our babies. I totally support ALL heart awareness.. but children are often overlooked and short on funding for further research. With that said, I can tell you that they have came along way with open heart surgery since the beginning, there are ways they can go in now and do a repair on SOME defects without open heart surgery. Unfortunately, Tetralogy of Fallot is still open heart surgery. But most babies with TOF and other heart defects undergo several open heart surgeries. They are working to make these surgeries less invasive. How amazing is that! Bentley will possibly need more surgeries in the future, we will not know until after her first surgery. If she does it could be 5-10 years down the road and by then they might be able to do these in a different way, not open heart surgery. We need to get CHD out there and keep funding this organization so our babies can have a better future. So please help spread the word this week.. and if you get chance do watch "Something The Lord Made"!

PS.. on the video I posted last "LOOK AT YOU NOW", did you notice the baby named Mark towards the end, and it said he had Tetralogy of Fallot? Then at the very end, it showed Mark O'Shea (the guy singing the song)! I had tears this whole video, but to see how amazingly well he is now and then to announce he had TOF I just started bawling (Texas talk, I know) when he announced his TOF defect. He has lifted my spirits, that's for sure!

PSS.. BIG thank you to Dr. Alfred Blalock (surgeon), Vivien T. Thomas (African American surgical technician ), and Dr. Helen Taussig (female cardiologist) for all three getting together and making this surgery happen in 1944. God led these 3 people together to change the world.. and they did.

Many Blessings,

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