Monday, February 16, 2009


Along with my other two children of course. They are just a little too busy for pictures like this. They much rather be playing sports, singing & dancing than taking pictures. I'll keep trying though.. until then this is all I have. I actually took this amazing picture myself. I was in shock. We went to my nephews birthday party this weekend and Miss Bentley was just relaxin' in the stroller when I took this. It looked like it came straight our of a magazine. I heart it! She is so precious and I love that little girl! I got this super cute hat from a very sweet fellow blogger. You can contact here to buy one.

We were also introduced to frisbee golf this past weekend. My sister Nickey and her boyfriend go quite often. They have taken the kids once and they had a blast. So we thought we would all give it a try. We absolutely loved it! Lots and lots of family fun!

These two are also perfection of ours!

He pretty much beat us all.

She was right behind him.

Yes, Miss Bentley came along too. She loved it as much as we did. She is so happy outside. We took the stroller not knowing that we would be going up and down huge bumpy hills until we arrived. The kids never mentioned that part. So we carried Bentley around. Tough, but fun! We will be going back again.. very soon!


  1. You guys looked like you had a blast and Bentley is just a doll baby!!! Also, I tagged you on my blog. :)

  2. Wow! That picture is beautiful! I love Veronica's hats....I found your blog by going to Tiffany's from Veronica's, I think! Who knows how I end up where I do in blogland. LOL


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