Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So all this talk about the Swine Flu really has me shaken up. Bentley cannot get sick, she can't.. it will be too hard on her heart. If you have not heard yet, the first swine flu death happened at Texas Children's Hospital. Now if you have been following you know this is where Bentley will be having her open heart surgery in exactly weeks from today! This is just one more thing to add to my list of worries.. first I would like to keep the family of that dear child in my prayers. It was a 23 month old boy that was visiting family near the border.. he developed flu symptoms and went to the local hospital who eventually transfered him to Texas Children's where he later died.

This is one huge AMAZING hospital. It is THE largest children's hosptal in the US. It is ranked #3 in the Nation for heart and heart surgery and ranked #6 in the Nation over all. We are going to one of the best of the best.. although I do still feel so confident and happy with our decision to go here, I am now very scared because there has been swine flu in the area. Since the surgery is just 3 weeks away, I can't help but to wonder how many people has this child come into contact with in this area. How many more people in this area have this that aren't reported yet. Just went I thought this "wait" couldn't get any worse. I am going to call and talk to the surgeons nurse tomorrow and see if she can help shine some light on this topic for me since Bentley will be having surgery in just 3 weeks. I do know I do not want her there when the swine flu is near.

Another thing that hits me in the wrong spot with this.. there are schools about an hour away from us closing down for a week... many many schools, because of the swine flu. As of right now ours are staying open.. why? I just don't get it. I do not mind my son going to school a week longer than scheduled.. however I do care that we keep our children safe and take the necessary steps to keep them safe.

I will let you know how the surgery phone call goes soon. I am actually watching the news now and they said swine flu has been found in 10 states so far and that has double since yesterday.

On a brighter note, people have been receiving their bracelets and sending me photos. If you get your bracelets I would love to have a photo of you wearing them to post in a couple of days. You can email them to

Please keep Bentley in your prayers, we are just 3 weeks away from her surgery.


  1. I hate that you are facing this added stress. I will say a prayer for you children and hope you find peace of mind.

  2. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to GOD, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

    The mind and prayer are both very powerful things, continue to stay and THINK positive, you would be surprise how a lot of those fear would relax.

    Praying for you today.

  3. Philippians 4:6-7 the above scripture.

  4. A nail biting situation, for sure. Sureley Bentley's docs won't reccomend you bringing her to the hospital if it's been exposed to something that could seriously sabotage her health. Just remember to not only ask the nurse's opinion but also every doctor that will be involved. I'll never forget when my brother in law (who is a doctor) said "ALWAYS always always question your doctor."

    God has His big wings of protection over your sweetheart. I'll be praying for continued protection, healing and peace of mind.

  5. I can not imagine the stress you are feeling right now!!! I pray and would think that they would have sanitized that hospital from head to toe since that little boy was there and from any shortly thereafter. Praying that Bentley will stay healthy!!!!!!!!!

    They closed a school in our area last night for today because the band went to Florida for a concert and about 20 of the kids got sick.'s insane!

  6. I know you are not in Oklahoma, but a good friend of mine is a nurse for the health department there.... here is a little blog she wrote on the swine flu, you might find it interesting...

    We will continue to pray for your family!

  7. I hate that this is becoming something else piling on your list of worries. However, I do believe if I was in your situation I would feel the same way. I'm anxious to hear how the call to the surgeon goes...I'm sure being professionals that they are they have taken all the proper precautions in order to not spread the swine flu; but it's a very scary topic and it's better to be safe than I know in my heart that you calling is the best thing :)

    My work is already posting signs everywhere about washing your hands over and over again and so's scary to know it's so close to us-I'm praying for your family sweetie, and I'm praying that this swine flu is nothing your family has to worry about incountering...

    Love-hugs and prayers-

  8. Wow! I am a Pediatric ICU nurse who happened to come across your site, and I am amazed that Bentley's sats are that high and that she is doing so well without having her surgery yet! She is just precious and obviously such a fighter : )

    About the swine flu - the hospital will be the best place to be if the swine flu is in the area! Anytime we have patients that are suspected of having the flu, they are put in isolation and health care workers have to wear gowns, masks, and gloves when they are in the room. That is even before their flu test comes back, and it is just for the regular flu - the precautions for suspected swine flu will be even higher! It is terrible that the little boy in TX died from the swine flu, but around 36,000 people die of the regular flu each year in the US and you never hear about that on the news. I hope that what comes from this that people become more cautious about spreading the flu in general so that we do not lose 36,000 people in the US each year to the flu! And of course I pray that there are no more swine flu deaths!

    Praying that sweet Bentley stays healthy and free from ALL illnesses!


  9. hey girl!! i just posted a blog about the Swine Flu!! Oh Lord Im a nervous wreck about it!! Im scared about all those babies out there because I know it will hit them harder than us. I pray that little bentley stays healthy!! I am getting my bracelet on Friday from Britt, I forgot to pay with my pay pal so I was excited when she had them at her work yesterday! Ill def send you some pics of them and with little miss audree wearing one in support of her!

  10. Hey Crystal,

    Sorry to hear that you're worrying so much! This swine flu stuff is nuts! Just wanted to let you know that we got our bracelets yesterday! Thanks so much. I wil work on a picture of Alyssa wearing her bracelets! Talk to you soon!

  11. I too will be praying for your little one and that every thing goes well and you dont come into contact with swine flu or anything else. I have been worried about my family as well hopefully they will get things (swine flu) under control real soon. Again you and your family will be in my constant prayers

  12. I am praying. I will be praying.


  13. This blog is so touching, keep positive thoughts and stay strong. My thoughts are with you and your family,


  14. well you have a reason to be concerned - I will pray more specifically now... God has a beautiful plan in all this and I know you know that but sometimes thats all you can hold on to!!

  15. We just had two cases confirmed yesterday here in California in the SAME city we live in. We're all worried and when I dropped him off this morning, there weren't that many kids.

    I'll be praying for sweet Bentley to keep healthy and I'll pray for you too. Be optimistic, be healthy, and be the strong advocate that you are:D


  16. I found your blog through Veronica's blog. She is so sweet. I totally understand your concern about the flu...very scary. I will be praying for your sweet girl. I have seen her precious face around. your blog name:)

  17. I know it may sound extreme but we went on a self imposed house arrest for 4 weeks from the date we got our surgery set to the date of the surgery, no church, no play dates, no eating out that wasn't drive thru... if I had had kids in school I would have probably sent them to live somewhere else! I was THAT desperate to get that surgery to happen as planned.

    I am praying with all my heart for a smooth few weeks leading up to surgery!

  18. Praying that no one in your family gets sick, esp lil bentley.. I will light a candle for you guys at church this weekend!

  19. We are getting MORE reports of this each day in our state of SC and I'm scared beyond belief. I'm praying it stays away from you guys and us.


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