Friday, May 1, 2009


(oh how I love these chunky cheeks!! please ignore the drool all over her shirt)

I talked to the surgeon's nurse about this swine flu scare.. she informed me that it will not affect Bentley's surgery. Yes, the swine flu is serious.. but it is just as serious as the normal flu. Per the news, the 23 month old that did not survive the swine flu was transferred to Texas Children's Hospital, but this is no surprise because it is a hospital of excellence. This hospital sees some of the worse cases of anything from all over the world.

I know everyone has their different views on the swine flu because I have received many emails about this topic.. some good, some bad. I also understand the different opinions on this.. it will not affect some as it will others. But this is a big deal to me. I realize it is not life threatening to Bryson and Brenna because of their age, nor Ryan or myself. But it is life threatening to Bentley because she is a baby, and more so because of her heart. Overall, I am glad I called the nurse.. I feel so much better about this situation and now I can move on from this worry. I think.

We thank you again for all your prayers, comments, emails, and offers to help. We thank you for all your support during this difficult time. My best friend Brittany has setup a care calendar if God leads you to that. You can view the calendar she has put together for us by going to You will need to login to view the calendar, you can email Brittany at for the login information, if you have any problems getting through to her, you are welcome to email me directly (

Also, I would like to say a huge thank you to Faith Baby and Stoned Up for their generous donation to Bentley's medical fund. I have added their banners on the left side of my blog, you should definitely check them out. I also owe another huge thank you to those of you that have been donating, buying Bentley's bracelets, and praying for Bentley, emailing, commenting, and all other ways you have shown your support. I am in awe with all of your support and prayers. There have even been some boutiques offering to sell Bentley's bracelets! I have been working on the post with pictures of you all wearing Bentley's bracelets, and hope to post it tomorrow. I know I keep changing the day.. but I really hope to post it tomorrow. Thank you to those that have been sending me your pictures, and if you haven't yet, please do so. I would love to include all of your photos with your bracelets and link them back to your blog. After I post it, I will continue to add to it, so keep the pictures coming, and I will keep adding them. But again and again, thank you for EVERYTHING. We are so overwhelmed (in a good way) with all of your support.

PS.. Bentley's runny nose is gone.. Praise God. If you are new here you can click on the link on the top left to read the beginning of Bentley's heart journey.


  1. Can I just say how adorable Bentley is with her chuncky cheeks and adorable furry bow???? I LOVE HER! I emailed Britt and asked her about the login, I think thats a great idea!!! I'm glad that Bentley's runny nose is better also!!!! Thanks again for helping me today!! Have a good weekend sweetie!

    Love-Hugs and Prayers,

  2. I don't know if I've commented your blog or not, but I wanted to let you know you have one more person praying for your sweet girl.

  3. I'm so glad you were able to talk to the nurse today and I pray that weight is lifted from your shoulders. I know you'll still worry but maybe it'll be alittle easier now.

    What an adorable pic of Bentley....she's just the sweetest thing!

    Continuing to pray for Bentley everyday!!

  4. Awe!!! Bentley (aka Miss Cheeky Cheeks) you are ADORABLE!

    Crystal - you are so generous in your words. Embrace the love that we have for Bentley! You have every right as a mother to worry for your darling daughter and good for you for being such a great advocate. My children don't have a ailments that should make me concern but I still am, they are our future, of course we're going to worry :D

    We pray everyday as the surgery day comes close and anxiety heightens, but know that you are in God's hands and we are all here to lift you up :D

  5. I got my bracelets today from Britt!! I LOVE THEM! Audree took them off of me when I got home from work today and played with them for hours haha We will DEF be taking a pic tomorrow and sending it to you.

    Also I know this "Swine Flu" is scary. I know girl Im worried to death over it. I dont want ANYONE to get it and I know it can be harmful to our little ones. BUT I have FULL FAITH THAT GOD WILL WATCH OVER HER AND BLESS HER!! You are your family are in my prayers. I know as the time draws nearer it gets scarier but Bentley will get through this! We will help yall get through this. If you need anything you let me know :o)

  6. She is so cute....and what a story.
    I enjoyed reading your blog today. I am new to the land of blog, but have found it
    so true that everyone has a story. I am enjoying reading those stories.
    Hope you will stop by and see me. The May give-away has started and this month there will be 10 winners.

  7. There is just so much sweetness in that photo that I can barely stand it. She is so stinkin' cute! Hope you guys are having a superb weekend!

    Love ya girl,
    Angie (blog)
    www.angelicagracedesigns (website) (photography blog)

  8. Awe, she is just precious with that big headband and those chubby sweet. Thanks for the follow on my blog. I will be praying for Bentley's hospital visit. So glad her nose is cleared up.
    I hope you don't mind if I follow along too.

  9. I am 100 on your followers. What an honor:)

  10. Hi... I just saw your comment on my kitchen post and noticed that you are a "heart mom", so I popped over to learn more about you. I am not a "heart mom", but one of my good friends is. Her baby has already had 1 open heart surgery and will have his 2nd one in June. I have become smitten with all of the "heart babies" I've "met" in the blog world and it looks like little Bentley is not going to be the exception! She is more than precious and I adore that bow! I have a thing with oversized hair bows - I LOVE them (so much that I even wrote an entire blog post about them once!). Anyway, she is absolutely precious and I will add her to my "heart baby" prayer list. I cannot imagine how scary it must be to think about open heart surgery on your precious baby. I'll be praying for her! And by the way, we almost named my son Bryson (he is Noah). I don't think I've ever seen anyone else with that name (it's still on our "list" as we hope to have another baby)! Anyway, your family is precious and I'll keep checking on you! Prayers and blessings to you... Danielle in Kansas

  11. What a beautiful baby girl! Thanks for dropping by and taking a peek into my little kitchen! Your comments were very sweet! Have a great Sunday!

  12. Love those cheeks!! Still praying for your peace of mind through all this. And praying for Bentley of course. :) It's different to be an adult heart patient than to have my child be the patient and as horribly hard as it was on me I can't imagine what you're going through.

  13. ahhh! I am praying daily for you guys! Ur stregth amazes me my friend.. maybe you dont feel very strong some days. but you are! The LORD is carrying you through!


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