Wednesday, May 6, 2009


In 2 weeks from this very moment my husband and I will be sitting in the waiting room while Bentley will be in the OR room having her very first open heart surgery ever. I have no doubt that God is going to perform this miracle on May 20 through the hands of an amazing surgeon and medical team. We have already seen Him do so much for Bentley. God is good ALL the time!

I have posted this video before but it was so long ago, and it is near and dear to my heart.. the message behind it, and the song is beautiful.. the words are perfect! So if you have a minute please take a look.

Also, don't forget to participate in Mr. Linky on the "Fantabulous Finds" post below this one.

Today is my hubby's birthday so I will be spending the rest of the day with him, but plan on one more post tonight.


  1. WOw! What an awesome song and video. You have 2 weeks and we have 5 weeks. Just know that ya'll are in my thoughts and prayers. With God we will get through this!
    Heart Loves,

  2. I really wish Bentley, you and your family didn't have to go through this, however I know that this is something that will build your strength, your faith and your ability to trust in our Lord!!! God is amazing, I'm not quite sure why he gives us trails in life, sometimes I wish I could jump off this rollercoaster of a ride and be "normal" if there is such a thing; however I have Faith that I was given this journey for a reason, and I know you and Miss Bentley were given this journey for a reason as well! Please know I think about your family and pray for ya'll daily and please know you can call me or text me at any given time and I will be here for you and do everything I can for you!!!! I must say that when all this is done and over we need a dinner date because I really want to hold and love on the sweet baby that I am praying so hard for!

    Love you in God like you are doing and he will guide you through this bumpy path!!!

    Love-Hugs and Prayers-

  3. OH and P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN!!!!!!!! :)

  4. what amazing video.. i cried thru it! It is my hubby, ryans birthday tonight too:) Soo FUN! Happy birthday to your hubby!!!
    Praying daily sweet friend!

  5. oh I so know how you are feeling. I am dealing with some of the same issues with operations next week. My son has had many brain operations and it never gets any easier. I know as moms it is so hard for us to watch our babies stuggle to be healthy.
    I will be praying for your whole family and of course your sweet girl.

  6. I will be praying for all of you in these coming days. Your little girls is just a beautifuly child of God and I will be lifting her up to the throne of Grace.

    Your blog is a blessing,

  7. Okay Crystal....Veronica has been talking about you and I knew a little bit about Bentley through her, but I have been so obsessed with my business that I haven't had a chance to get to know you through your blog. I am really sorry about that and I am making it a point to read any and everything I can about you tonight (after I get home from going out to eat for my MIL's the way, Happy Bday to your hubby too!)

    I feel so selfish for not learning more about Bentley....I live about 45 minutes from TX Childrens and I just read that's where you'll be coming. Like I said, you may have already mentioned all this in your blog and I will read it tonight, but do you have all of your accomodations set up here in Houston? How long will you be here? I want you to know that if there is anything at all that you need, please let me know! At the very least, I will definitely come to the hospital because I would love to meet you! I will be praying for your journey. Please don't hesitate to ask if there is anything I can help with! It would be my honor to help out.

    Also, I have a new sister in law and I'm pretty sure that her sister is a Pediatric ICU nurse at TX Childrens. I'm going to find out more and get back to you on that!

    Feel free to email me:


  8. Crystal.. I'm so sorry you have to go down this road. It's a crummy one. That video and song were great..thanks for sharing! I need to post on fantabulous finds, but honestly, I never find anything fantabulous. Today I found Owen's soggy cheesy dorito behind my pillow (from who knows how long ago).. that's pretty fabulous!! :)


  9. I'm praying for you every day and of course Bentley also!!!! I feel like I came across your blog for a reason...hearing Bentleys story has changed my life. It's made me realize that I can't take anything for granted and I definitely hold onto my babies alittle tigher every chance I get. There are so many people out there that love Bentley like their own and I am so proud to be one of them. Sending love and prayers your way!!!

    Oh and Happy Birthday to your hubby!!!!! Hope you guys have a wonderful night.

  10. Hello!
    Just stopping by via someone's blog (sorry I forget whose..)
    This is a beautiful video.
    You have a beautiful family and an even more beautiful faith.
    I will be adding your sweet little girl to my prayers.
    May THE GREAT PHYSICIAN be in the operating room , guiding the hands and minds of all those there and granting you AMAZING peace as you wait.
    In Christ!

  11. Crystal, I am Linda, friend of Veronica and Kristen. Just today I became a follower of your blog, and I will be keeping Bentley in my prayers, and following her progress.

    My little granddaughter had heart issues, and had surgery soon after birth, and then again when whe was 9 months old. (Her issues were several and more complicated than Bentley,'s from what I read) But she made it through those surgeries fine.

    It is amazing what they can do for heart issues these days,...and of course with God NOTHING is impossible, and He is the Great Physician. From the sounds of it I think God will bring Bentley through this just fine!

    I will continue to pray for all of you during this time.

    You have a beautiful family!

    May God's blessings abound!
    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits


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