Tuesday, May 5, 2009


UPDATE: No fair! I think Mr. Linky is down again... I have received so many emails saying it is there, then it's not there.. I tried going to their site and it is not working either. Sorry guys, I tried.

I tried to post this yesterday, but Mr. Linky was down.. so here we are! If you are new here.. I want to meet you, please feel free to participate and fill out Mr. Linky below with your "Fantabulous Finds" You can also view mine below!

I enjoy finding cute new things weather it be for my kids, my husband, my house, me, anything! I like to shop at local stores but I love to shop online.. there are so many unique things out there that you just can't find in stores. I have been wanting to do this for a while now, but after seeing all of the beautiful kitchens from Kelly's post last Friday.. I really wanted to get it going. I saw SO MANY cute things and wonder where you got them and I am sure others did as well.

So let's do something a little different and have some fun! I am always looking for new unique places to buy from but there is just so much online it would take too long to find them all. This is where you come in.. lets share our "Fantabulous Finds".

1. Start your very own post on your blog.. post pictures of your "Fantabulous Finds".

2. Be sure to share and link where you found the product(s).

3. Be sure to link back here so other's can join in on the fun! Just something simple... maybe...

"Head over to You and Me Plus Three to check out other "Fantabulous Finds"!"

4. Add yourself to Mr. Linky below so people can check out your "Fantabulous Finds"
- please only link if related to topic.
- please keep your name on Mr. Linky 20 letters or less.

I am going to post 3 today (post as many or as few as you would like), here are mine for this week!

LOVE THESE!!! Last week I mentioned I was looking for baby leg warmers. This will be about the only thing Bentley will be able to wear while she is in the hospital, at least for the first few days anyway. So this was a must. I have came across many.. but I finally found some that I instantly fell in love with! I got them from Knotty Baby Wear, they have SO MANY to choose from. I just bought 3 pair from her now. YAY!!

Here is one of the cutest pendants I have ever seen! This necklace is made by Angie (owner/designer) of Angelica Grace Designs. I could go on and on about this necklace.. it's so FUN and screams PERSONALITY! Angie also designs children's clothing. Very very cute I might add.. I have had the opportunity to do web design work for her in the past and she is one amazing person!

In this picture, that you may have seen several times (if you follow me), Bentley is wearing a super cute hat made by Veronica. I first noticed this hat as I know many of you have.. on sweet Harper when she was in the hospital. I instantly knew we had to have one. I have since bought SEVERAL other hats from Veronica and I have to say I absolutley love every one of them! I also just got word she has an even wider selection of colors than the last time I purchased!

Your turn...

1. Tiffany
2. The Schmidt's
3. Veronica
4. Danielle

Sorry Mr. Linky messed up on me. We will try it again next Wednesday.. so now you have a little time to prepare!!! I have really enjoyed seeing the ones that had the chance to participate. If you haven't checked, go take a look at theirs. Too cute!


  1. Oh thanks for featuring my winged cross pendant here sista'! You are such a sweetheart! This is going to be fun! I just love the idea of seeing new and ROCKIN' finds. :)

    Hugs, Angie
    www.angelicagracedesigns.com/blog/ (blog)
    www.angelicagracedesigns.com (website)
    www.angieseamanphotographyblog.com (photography blog)

  2. Aren't Veronica's hats great?!? We have three of them and now since she's doing them in cotton for summer we might just have to get another..a girl can't ever have too many hats,can she? Love those leopard baby legs too...how cute are those!

  3. Those are fabulous finds. I just won a hat from Veronica and can't wait to get it. So excited.

  4. Those are great finds. I have a couple of hats I purchased like that for Morgan, but her head is too big for them. LOL

    So I am going to have to do a little "giveaway" maybe with them, because they have never been worn and they are just so cute.

    Thanks for the idea.....

  5. Hey there! How sweet of you to do this! Thanks so much! This is perfect timing for the hat giveaway I'm doing this week on my blog!

    I'll work on a post later today to feature two of the Mom based businesses I love.

    Talk to you later!

  6. Okay...got my post up! Thanks again and hope you guys have a great day!

  7. Love this idea and am working on one now, but I don't see the Mr. Linky - is it not working?

  8. Hi again...

    Well, I went ahead and did a Fantabulous Finds post anyway! It's up now and maybe Mr. Linky will work tomorrow!

    As for my friend's care page, you can find his link on the right bar of my blog. He is the last one under "Other Blogs I Enjoy" - it says "Zachary John Hagerott". You should see it!

    Thanks for the fun finds! I'm going to have to get a hat from Veronica!

    By the way, that picture with the Baby Legs is SOOOO cute!


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