Sunday, May 10, 2009


In just 7 days we will be traveling to the hospital for Bentley's surgery. I just cannot believe that my precious baby girl is going to go through such a BIG surgery.. as the days go by, that is all I can think about. I am scared and I hurt, badly.. but God is so good, I just cannot believe how blessed we are.. everytime I look at this precious face, my heart melts. Bentley amazes me in so many ways.. she is my saving grace! She is so strong, she has already shown us this.. time and time again.. and I know she will show us once again on May 20.

This weekend at Bryson and Brenna's game.. I smile every time I see this face..

She actually fell asleep like this at the game.. she fought it so long, but she finally fell asleep sitting up and all!

I just knew she couldn't be comfortable sleeping upright so I moved her around a bit.. she woke up for a second.. but quickly fell asleep again.

My other baby girl at her tball game! Not sure what was going on with the pants.. but she pulls it off, and looks beautiful!

She is on 1st base.. but I think she rather talk than play the game.

Brenna and Daddy! In case you are wondering .. he pretty much coaches everything. The kids just love it.. so do we.

Now here is my boy. My sweet sweet boy.. on 3rd base while daddy coaches him.

Up to bat..
Bryson pitching..

So handsome..

... and serious.

Despite everything we are going through.. we are so blessed and we are so thankful. I am blown away with all that God has given me... the perfect husband, 3 amazing children, roof over our head, food on our table, great family, great best friends, and many more wonderful friends (real life and blog). I honestly could not ask for more!! God is with us and he is going protect Bentley and she will be stronger than ever. We have faith, and lots of it!

By the way... I had a fabulous Mother's Day!


  1. This faith in action that you're experiencing (more than most ever will in their lifetime) will get you through the next seven days and even after that.

    Humbley praying with thanksgiving....

    happy mother's day! (aren't we just that every single day? why not make a happy day of it, right?)

  2. I'm praying every single day for Miss sweet Bentley and your family. I'm so glad your on twitter.. I just sent you a follow link so I can keep up with her surgery updates. Thank goodness for twitter. :o)

    LOVE your family's love for baseball/softball. We are huge fans of the sport and go to all my nephews games. Once our kids are old enough I'm sure we will both be out there coaching too.

    Glad you had a wonderful mothers day.

  3. I'm so glad you had a great Mother's Day. Your kids are just precious! Lily falls asleep sometimes in her car seat and her head's always just flopping around and it looks so uncomfortable. It's amazing the places they can fall asleep! LOL

  4. Lovely pictures, lovely post! I'm so glad you had a lovely day!


    PS My bracelets arrived this morning! THANK YOU!! :-)

  5. Okay so I have to show my husband these photos. The visors on the little girls in their uniforms. LOVE IT. So funny, I had a dream and told my husband about it before leaving out the door this morning.... I dreamt he was wearing a VISOR to work on a Monday and I was curious to his reason why. LOL

    She is a precious girl mommy. That face is so yummy.....

    Let's think of it this way instead...... in 7 days or so, Bentley will have a new world ahead of her.

    Hang in there mommy.

  6. Glad you had a great weekend. Loved the pictures.

    God is so good and I know He's going to be right there with you through it all! I am grateful to be a part of your lives and I will continue to keep you guys in my prayers.

    P.S. Thanks for the comment on my girls!

  7. girly I am praying so hard for ya'll!!! I told Britt I would do what I can to help. I can get alot of raffles tickets sold. I have told so many people your story and there are so many that are willing to help. PLEASE let me know if there is anything I can do to help even if it is to water plants while your gone lol :)

  8. praying for you guys!! Wish I lived closer so I could help out more... because I so would.. so since I cant.. I will pray and pray lots!
    Also, recived our bracelets:) yeah!
    Thank you!! so cute!!
    What kind of stroller do you have? it is way cute!

  9. Lovely photos, Glad you had a good day. We are keeping you and your family especially Bentley in our prayers.

  10. Your beautiful daughter will be in my prayers! What grear pictures you got over the weekend.
    We are a HUGE baseball/softball family. My husband coaches everything too. We spend more hour at the ballfield then home for a couple months.

    Have a wonderful day!
    God Bless.

  11. What an amazing post. YOu are blessed for sure. YOur family is just beautiful! praying for Bentley!

  12. What great shots of your precious children..
    And what an amazing gift that little one is..
    Continuing to pray to the Great Physician for this little child of His!

  13. Your daughter is beautiful. One thing I wanted to mention after her surgery she may look a lot more pink to you. One mother described constantly thinking her daughter had a fever because she didn't realize how blue she was until after the surgery. I know that after my husband had his surgery I was shocked at the difference in his coloring. Looking forward to hearing about Bentley's recovery!

  14. You really are blessed! Praying for you all. On another note, don't you just love watching the kids play ball?

  15. Love Brenna in her hat!!!! In your tball league is it all girls? isn't she playing t ball? Here they combine girls and boys and the girls get regular hats but those visors are SO much cuter!!!!!!

    Love the pics of Bentley...that is absolutely adorable..Allie would never fall asleep at the ballpark as much as I would like sometimes..she sits and screams for the team the entire's so cute.

  16. your kids are definately the cutest kids ever - if there is ever anything I can do to help even all the way over here in Canada I will ... praying for you guys especially in the weeks to come!!


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