Thursday, May 7, 2009


A couple of days ago we receieved a package in the mail.. wasn't sure what it was since I was not expecting anything. My dear blog friend Shannon, who is also a heart mommy (to a sweet little girl named Madison) sent Bentley a super sweet gift. She sent her these adorable cow print leg warmers, made this very cute bow to match, stuffed mommy and baby cow, and even sent a few extra bows for Brenna. How nice is that. It is all adorable.. thank you so much Shannon. We love it, every bit! And it is perfect for our hospital stay.

Those are not Bentley's teeth, it is Bentley's food.. you can see Bentley's teeth below..

What Bentley has been up to:

- Bentley has been crawling non stop, we can't slow her down. She started crawling more last month..

- Bentley now LOVES baby food. I guess it was just a matter of time. At first we could barely get 4 or 5 bites in, now you have to scrape the bottom of the jar.. then enjoys a bottle to wash it down.

- Bentley sleeps wonderfully at night, no problems at all. She is also starting to nap better. She has never really taken naps.. maybe 2 - 20 minute naps a day and that was it. I could never "make" her nap like I did Bryson and Brenna because she would cry and we can't let her cry because of her heart. She now takes about 2 hour naps a day..

- Bentley's second tooth came in 2 weeks after her first. You can now see the first tooth really well. Picture below...

- Bentley is constantly pulling up. After she first did this, she hasn't stopped. She still hasn't quite figured out how to get down.. she just lets go of what ever she is holding on to and falls. So I am always right behing her ready to catch her.

- Bentley has been saying "dadadadadada" for about a month now.. slowly shortening it to "dadada". A couple of days a go Bentley started saying "mamamama" but Ryan's says she is saying "MMMMmmmm" but I hear the "A" it is there, I just know it is. ha!!

What are Bryson and Brenna up to:

- Bryson.. school, baseball, and soccer.

- Brenna.. t-ball, soccer, and getting ready for school.

There are Bentley's toothies!!

So how do you know when they have officially said "dada" and "mama"? Having two older kids I feel like I should know this, but it is still hard to tell... How did you know and when did your little one say these?


  1. Thank you for the comment! I will be keeping your sweet girl in my prayers for her heart and her surgery. Blessing! Amber

  2. Okay now stop it.

    Before I can't take it anymore and I have to find out where you live, come stalk you and when you go to sleep, Ill have to sneak in and eat her all up.


    Too precious.

  3. You know it seems they always learn the dddd sound before mmmm and the dads always take advantage and say that they uttered dada first although I think when they make that sound that's exactly what they're doing just making the sound. So if she made the mmmm sound go ahead and take the deserve it :) I love the pictures with her teeth....they are adorable and i could just kiss those cheeks all day!!

  4. Those sweet cheeks have definitely carved a permanent place in my heart. She has such an angelic face!

    That was real nice of your friend Shannon to send you those things. The leggings are awesome!

    Charlie didn't say mama till she was about 1, I think. You know she refers to you when arms are stretched out and she looks straight at you saying it.

  5. OMG I love those little leg warmers!!!!! She has the cutest cheecks I have ever seen on a baby!!!! I love them!!!!!! I love her little toothies too!!!! :)

  6. Bentley is such a little cheeky cutie! I just want to eat her up!! So glad you liked the cow stuff!!

  7. Crystal, love the pics! That's so exciting that she's doing new things. Glad that she's getting better with the baby food. It seems like just yesterday when you were posting about her not wanting to eat baby food at all! Sooo glad she's napping now. You can at least get a break while your other two are in school!

    About the mama and dada thing, both my girls did things differently. Audrey started saying the mmmmm sounds at 5 months, and she's been talking a ton ever since. On the other hand, she's already almost 14 months and has no desire to walk at all. When Alyssa was this age, she was walking already. They are all so different!!!

  8. She is just so precious! I love the leg warmers and matching cute!

  9. She is adorable!! You've got to love those BIG blue eyes! Love the cow print leggings. My daughter Kynlie has two teeth also and is saying dadada all the time, but we can't get her to say momma. I'm sure it will come soon...I hope! It's so funny reading everything that Bentley is doing, b/c it's the exact some as Kynlie. It's nice to read about another baby doing the same helps me know she's on schedule with her age group.
    She's been in my prayers and thoughts lately and will continue to be!
    Ennis TX

  10. oh my goodness... I just love her! she is soo stinking adorable.. she looks soo cute in the cow stuff and her teeth are soo cute.. her eyes are beautiful! gosh you are one lucky momma! Do you know where shannon got the bows? I lvoe that lil headband with bow on it:) so cute!

  11. she is so cute keep the pictures coming cause the brighten my day looking at her... love the leg warmers to - so cute!

  12. She is just precious and is really doing so much these days. How cool that she is starting to say sweet when they start saying words that sound like words we recognize.
    Cute...legwarmers too. She is such a ham...I love those teeth:)

  13. Oh my goodness... she is too cute for words! And the leggings are to die for!

  14. Oh my goodness... she is too cute for words! And the leggings are to die for!

  15. Beautiful, beautiful baby.. I'm praying for you!

  16. You have such a beautiful little girl. My prayers our with your family. God Bless you.

    P.S.I added your link to my blog for extra prayers.

  17. What a darling post! Praying for you all.


  18. She is just the most beautiful little girl. I left you something on my blog today Crystal. You are so deserving of it. I am in much prayer for sweet Bentley.

    Have a joyfilled Mother's Day.


  19. Those are the cutest little things!!! How sweet. She looks 'udderly' adorable...LOL...

    Has anyone else come up with that yet? ;-).

    Hey, I'd be believing the Dada and Mama thing at anything that sounds anything close to it :-)

  20. how cute! Bentley is doing the same things that my daughter is doing. Its such a cute stage! I have 2 older ones and I wonder if she is saying "dada" or just the sounds. I don't remember anything from my first two!

  21. oh my goodness!!!! she looks lik Eher mommy! TOO CUTE!

  22. Hey, most of all of Kynlie's clothes come from Walmart, target and gymboree (although, gymboree is a little more than I want to spend) and sometimes I'll some made. Other than that, walmart is my fav!!


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