Tuesday, June 2, 2009


First, I need to ask for tiny prayers.. Bentley woke up this morning with a horrible nasty cough. It's so sad.. I have never heard her sound this way. This is a huge shocker and came out of no where. Since Bentley has been born she has yet to be sick.. nothing at all. Praise God! This is the last thing that needs to happen while she recovers.. she is recovering well.. I really don't think it could go any better. But, she is still recovering from a huge surgery. She cannot get sick yet, her body must heal from all it has been through before it can take this. So please pray that this cough goes away. We have an appointment with her pediatrician today for a check up and now to look more into this cough.

Catch up time... here are several pictures from the day before Bentley's surgery. This is the day that we arrived to the hospital for lots of testing and then being admitted.

A little break in between test.. and so tired of test.

Mommy.. Daddy.. & Bentley.. loving!

Checking things out...

Little bitty legs.. and our favorite zebra from Grandma Armer in Kansas. (Thank you Grandma Armer!)

Yes, we can stand up even with an IV in our foot and an overload of tape, card board, and lots of plastic stuff.

Sticking her tounge out at Brittany. So glad they made it to visit.

Poor baby.. had no clue what all she was about to go through.

Will catch up on more later!!!

If you haven't read about the give-a-way, be sure to click here to do so now.. it is so cute!


  1. She is just too precious!These pictures of her show the true innocence of a child.Don't ya wish sometimes we could be like that.I am continuing to pray for Miss Bentley,and I'm believeing in the name of Jesus right now that nasty cough is gone!Love and prayers from Alabama!!

  2. Thanks for the comment!That is too funny because Bailey was gonna be a Bentley,lol.I promise I'm not telling one,we had always wanted Bentley Reed if we had a little boy.Well we had a Bailey Grace instead.I am now expecting #3 and I am hoping we can finally have us a Bentley Reed but if not,then I think we're gonna name her Bentley Brooke.After reading about your sweet Bentley I've learned that girls can be Bentley's too,lol.

  3. Oh my word, she is so stinking precious. LOVED all the pictures! Is it really weird for me to say that I could totally eat her up?! She's a doll. I am praying that her cough goes away very soon and everything is perfect at her check up! HUGS!

  4. I don't know why, but I"m crazy about that last pic of her - even though she looks confused I can't help but adore the little legs and diaper look. She's so beautiful (and I don't say that about many babies :-)

    Here's a personal question, and feel free to ignore me if it makes you uncomofortable: Because of her heart condition did the doctors insist on giving all her shots starting at 2 months or did they have you put it off in case her little body can't process all the viruses in the vaccines? I know they (usually) turn babies away if they're sick. I don't judge either way... more curious than anything else :-) And in case you're wondering I personally give my girl delayed, spread out shots.

  5. You are very right to pray and be cautious with the cough but I also wanted to let you know that it is relatively common after a long period of intubation. Kyleigh had the most horrid hacking wet cough for a few weeks after surgery and I am sure it hurt. I mean she did just have her chest cracked open. At any rate, anesthesia said that it was common after being intubated to have that junk and cough for a bit. Ky's cleared up and eventually just vanished.

    Hugs and prayers!
    Amber Schmidt

  6. Its this stinkin texas weather making everyone cough, my kids woke up coughing too!! I hope she gets better soon

  7. I love little baby legs. Yummy. Love little babies is t-shirts and diaper. MMMM....

    Love little babies - PERIOD!

  8. So cute! I will be praying that her cough goes away so she can continue to recover.

  9. She is so adorable! I'm praying that she gets better soon! I have agree with the Jarvis Family... I live in Texas and my allergies are going insane!

  10. Cute pictures! I was surprised to actually see one of you in there too! I will be praying that the cough goes away soon! Healing in Jesus name!

  11. I'm PRAYING for Bentley and ALL of you! I know this is so hard for you, Crystal. I can't even imagine.

    My prayer is that this cough will go away and the Lord will wrap His arms, tightly, around precious Bentley and heal her little body.

    Sending lots of love and hugs your way!

  12. She is such a little doll!

  13. Crystal, she is such a doll baby. I just want to eat her up. Adorable! Absolutely adorable. I am so glad she is home and doing well. God is soooooo good! Hope you guys are enjoying the start to your summer. I've got some web work/blog work for ya whenever you are free and feeling up to it again. You know me...always messing with something. Ha ha!

    Love ya sista'!

  14. Oh, yes - praying for precious Bentley. She is a strong little girl- she has been through more than most of us grown-ups. Lifting her up even now.

    Many hugs to you little B!

  15. Crystal,
    just know that my prayers are with you and your sweet Bentley Baby!! God has brought you this far and He is going to help you TRIUMPH right now!!! SO proud of your joyous spirit and willingness to persevere and endure for your family! You're quite an example and inspiration!
    and yes everyone is right - she is absolutely ADORABLE!

  16. Adorable pictures!

    Praying for that cough!

  17. Crystal,

    In hopes of possibly conforting you, as a heart patient I usually develop some sort of "cold/congestion" after being put under. Hopefully Bentley will kick this congestion soon!


    Love in the LORD,
    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits


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