Thursday, June 4, 2009


Bentley woke up this morning not only coughing but now runny nose. We made it to our Dr. appointment today and it went well, really well actually. I will post about it next post so I do not ramble too much in this one. We are hoping this cough and runny nose clears on it's own.. we do not want to give her medicine that will work her too hard yet.. details coming!

A very dear blog friend Kristin and her family were so thoughtful and generous to give our family tickets to the Houston Astros baseball game while we were in town for Bentley's surgery, so the kids would have something to do other than hang out around the hospital the whole time. My parents took Bryson and Brenna while Ryan and I stayed by Bentley's side. The kids had a blast! So much fun.. I heard about it for days!!! Here are a few pictures my parents took while at the game.

Not sure exactly where this was taken...

Bryson, Nana, and Brenna at the game.

The wonderful view from their seats..

Brenna eatting her popcorn up...

Brenna upset because she had to share her popcorn with Bryson.

Brenna and Nana...

Bryson being silly...

Their ride to the game..

Bryson, Papa, and Brenna

Thank you so much Kristin. I cannot even tell you how much we appreciate you and your family doing this for us. In school Bryson has to keep a daily journal... so I had him continue it while we were in Houston.. and he managed to mention the Astros game every day... like I said before he LOVES his sports!


  1. Looks like they had a great time.

    Will continue to keep your family in prayer for healing :-)

  2. What an awesome gift and it looks like your kids thoroughly enjoyed it. Have you wiped the wmile off Brysons face yet? :)

    Praying for the little cold/allergies. My kids have the same exact thing right now too. The cough is gone prety much but the runny nose is still lingering well over a week later. Think it's just that time of year. Hang in there...she'll be okay!

  3. Hope Bentley kicks that nasty stuff soon! Sending thoughts and prayers your way!

  4. That was such an amazing and thoughtful gift!!
    Hope Bentley gets rid of that stuff soon

  5. I am so happy to see Bentley doing so well. Praying for her cold to clear quickly so she can get fully recovered. The picture of Brenna and Bryson in front of the fountain is at the corner of Main street and Preston in downtown. Right at the railstop they would have gotten off of to go to the game.

  6. Awww!!! I am so glad they had so much fun!! The pictures are great! I was laughing at the one of Brenna having to share her popcorn. LOL!!

    Really, there is no thanks necessary because it was such a simple thing for me to do, and it blessed me more to see the pictures of them having such a good time during such a scary time in your lives.......this truly made my day :)

    Your family is so precious, Crystal! I am continuing to pray for Bentley....that this cold she has will go away and she can continue to heal. What a little miracle she is! I'm so proud of her!!

  7. Sorry Bentley isn't feeling well. Praying she'll get better soon!

    Looks like Bryson and Brenna had FUN at the game.


  8. I hope the meds will work to make Bentley's cough and runny nose go away. Poor baby.
    How fun to go to a baseball game. That was so sweet of Krisin.

  9. So glad that your kiddos had such a great time at the game! What a special gift that Kristin was able to give you. Kristin has also been such a blessing to me. I am so glad we found each other in this great big blogging adventure!

    I will continue to pray that Bentley gets well soon!


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