Sunday, February 21, 2010


Accident 1-

Brenna: "Mom, look at this, isn't it pretty!!"

Me: "Brenna, that is beautiful but I don't know if you should have painted it..."

Brenna: "Ummmm..... it was an accident. I didn't mean too!"

Accident 2-

Me: "Brenna, honey... why is there water in this?"

Brenna: "I don't know mom, I didn't do it."

Me: "who did it?"

Brenna: "okay okay... I did it but it was an accident. I didn't put that pink stuff in it though"

Me: "who did that?"

Brenna: "I don't know"

More on these tomorrow, along with pictures once I have them uploaded.

We are headed out the door for baseball practice. It's a beautiful day today!!!!
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