Sunday, February 7, 2010


(warning: picture overload today - might take a minute for them all to load)

We had an exiting football season. Although "our" team did not make it to the Super Bowl, we were excited to have gotten to see them in person at the new Cowboy's stadium. I must add that it is SUPER nice. And we could not have picked a better game to see... Cowboys vs Eagles and Cowboys won!! Ryan and I took Bryson to see the game. As you know he is a sports fanatic and he was THRILLED to go... he has never seen a NFL team in person. (For those of you not too interested in football, if your husband ever wants to go... do go!!! It is so much fun even if you are not into sports. Between the music and all the other exciting things that go on during the game - that is not seen on TV. It's so worth it.)

We had pretty high seats, but in the Cowboys Stadium, there is no such thing as a bad seat. The game was about to begin here.

above: Tony Romo was warming up just before the game.

above: Oh and here is my favorite. MILES AUSTIN!!! He came out of no where this year and just blew everyone away. He is greatness!!!

above: I caught them in action during the game.

above: Bryson taking a closer look.

above: The HUGE new Cowboy Stadium. Yes, we were up that high. Which explains why my pictures above aren't the greatest. I took them with my camera zoomed in as far as it would go. They have these huge screens going across the field but I watch most of the game through my camera. Just to note... the screen going up and down the field 60 yards.

Of course I had to get a shot of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.

above: My 2 boys!!! Having a blast. Ryan and I went to a NFL game a few years ago, so we knew what to expect. It was a whole new experience for Bryson. I think he expected it to be like it was on TV but it's not at all.

above: Bryson with the new stadium in the background.

above: Walking up to our seats.

above: In our suite waiting to leave.

above: From our floor peaking on the Cowboy fans eatting breakfast.

above: There were so many Cowboy fans at our hotel... We saw many windows that had jerseys hanging up.

above: Bryson from our seats.

above: Our hotel from the inside. We had so much fun there. You can see a couple of windows with the jersey's but as it got later more people would hang theirs up.

Blogger uploaded my pictures backwards, so they are out of order. This is one of the first few takin as we arrived. Again we had such a blast!!! The girls stayed with Nana and Pawpaw, and of course they had a blast there. I missed them both, it was also the first time I was away from Bentley for that long. I have also never been that far away from her. We enjoyed our one on one time with Bryson, doing something he loves. I want to do the same for Brenna, and we would love to take her to maybe a Hannah Montanna concert or another concert. So I will be on the look out for that...

Almost time for the Super Bowl.... I really don't have a favorite tonight. I like Manning, but I don't like either team more than the other. I do think the Colt's will win though.

Who are you wanting to win?

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