Monday, March 1, 2010


Back to "Not Me Monday" with MckMama.

We have been updating our bathroom... and kitchen will be next. The bathroom is just about finished. Having practices every night, this project is taking longer than expected. We are working our hineys off every chance we get. We are completely worn out and so ready to be finished and it will be in probably 24 hours or less. With that said... a blog friend posted yesterday of updates they have made with pictures and tips on their kitchen. I did not show my husband these pictures because I have not changed my mind about the changes we have been making. That would not only be a complete waste of time, but also a complete waste of money. I do not want to start completely over just to redo it like a blog friends... or do I? Either way, I don't have a choice. My husband said "No" before I could ask.

Good news... we haven't started on the kitchen just yet.
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