Monday, March 1, 2010


Bryson had a basketball tournament this past weekend in a nearby town. It was the last basketball tourney/game for this year then on to full time travel baseball. I have to share a funny story.. well.. just because I think it's cute and it's my blog. Bryson has been having basketball practice once a week or so. They practice in the same gym at the same time as a girl team that is a couple of years older. Well, a few practices ago... Ryan and I noticed these girls talking and giggling. Then Ryan... hears one of the girls ask another boy on our team "what's his name?" referring to Bryson. He answers and the girls begin to whisper and giggle again. Oh it's so cute!!! Bryson is so shy when it comes to girls. Funny I can always tell what he is thinking. It's so simple with him. If he thinks a girl is cute, he will simply act like she doesn't exist. He will not talk to her, he will in fact ignore her and act extremely nervous if she is nearby. Where as if he is not interested in a particular girl, then he is fine talking and playing with her as a friend, no nervousness what so ever. Anyway, here are a few pictures of my baby boy. He is wearing red (#24).

This was the only way we could keep her content. She is sitting with nanna here eating her cheetos. She was such a mess... this picture just doesn't capture all that was on her. Her face, hands, and clothes were solid orange. Please ignore her hair. She went with a cute bow in her hair but she much rather pull it out and go with the messy bed head look. =)

Here is Brenna, sneaking some of Bentley's cheetos. I had to crop the bottom portion of the picture out... as her zipper was down. I would never let my child run around like this... but she often does because I don't know about it until minutes later.

This was at a different basketball game than the one above. Again, we are constantly looking for something to keep her busy, otherwise she is usually screaming and trying to get away. Bless her heart, she's just a busy girl... and it's such a blessing.
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