Thursday, March 25, 2010

I "HEART"... (add yours!)

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WOW!!! Is it already Thursday?!!!

Since day 1 of our heart journey, we have really openned our eyes to not take life for granted. Not that we didn't know before but it's not hard to get caught up in life and overlook the many positives in our lives especially when you might have some negatives.

Every Thursday I post I "heart"... and list a few things that happened the past week that remind me just how blessed I am. Little and big. As you have probably guessed this was inspired by Bentley's heart. Although we were going through an extremely difficult time, there were many positives that I often overlooked because I would let the difficult moments bring me down.

Feel free to join in, and add yourself to Mcklinky below. I love how I can make notes of these little things that create so much happiness, and look back on them anytime.

I "heart" Bentley's new custom shirts soooo much!! If you did not catch it on my last post you can go here to take a look!!! I bought them from Kristin - she did such an amazing job. I just know she would love to make yours too!!!!

I "heart" that Bentley says more and more each day. She is quite the talker. She will attempt pretty big words too. She's just amazes me.

I "heart" MEXICAN FOOD!!! But I can't eat it right now since I am dieting. (or trying.)

I "heart" Brenna's spunky personality. I know I mention a few of these each week, but I can't help myself. Things happen over the weak that just make me more and more grateful. Brenna says the cutest things. Just a couple from this week...

"Mom, thank you for waking me up when you did... dangerous things were about to happen in my dream!"

"Mom- my throat hers because I played so good at my softball game."

"You know what my body is made out of....? HAM!!!!"

I could go on and on. She is always saying something new. I love to sit and talk with her about things and just SMILE!!!!

I "heart" that Bryson has another travel baseball tournarment this weekend. Last was rained out so this will be our second. It's so fun watching him hang out with his best friends all weekend long and just watching them grow. It's sad, but he has grown to be such a well behaved young man. Usually it is the parents credit for that, but I don't think it is with Bryson... it has always been this way and has come very natural. I often wonder what I did to be so blessed with 3 amazing children!!!! =)

I "heart" sweet tea!!! A blog friend of mine and I were just talking about sweet tea. She lives in Cali and I live in Texas. I didn't think a lot of people outside of Texas drank sweet tea...? Looks like I'm wrong. Well, this is another thing I can't have right now. ;) But it sure is good.

I "heart" thunder storms. =) I have had it with the crazy weather, I am so ready for every day to be nice (like Texas summers). But it is just the begining of our raining season. I normally love it, but since winter has been so different for us, I just want the sun, no rain... just the sun. BUT, lastnight a thunder storm came through... I always love a good thunderstorm. Even better at night while going to bed... so relaxing!!!!

I have many more but I will cut it short this week since I wrote more about each "heart". WOW, and looking back reading what I wrote... it got pretty emotional with the kids. I usually try to keep I "heart"... pretty simple, but I guess I'm just in one of those moods... you know when you are so happy or so grateful you get emotional and even cry sometimes. I am a super emotional person... I can cry at the drop of a spoon. Seriously, a song on the radio can remind me of something and I will just BAWL!!!! Anything. So I am sorry to get emotional but I feel strongly about this. Ryan and I are blessed beyond measure. There is so much that we don't have (materialistic)... but those things to not matter to us. I have a husband that adores me, 3 amazing children (1 who has proven odds with her heart journey), roof over our head, food on our table, and that is pretty much all we need. I am so grateful for everything that has been placed in my life. Okay, okay... I'm doing it again... sorry!!!!!

What do you heart this week? Be sure to post yours and link up!!!

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I can't wait to read what you "heart"!!!

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