Thursday, March 25, 2010


So over at Kelly's Korner we are sharing our cleaning tips!! Here are just a few of mine.

* Clorox Wipes - love them!! They are quick and easy to use which is what I like best (most importantly, they work). Since we are so extremely busy I am constantly looking for short cuts esp. when it comes to cleaning. These are definitely a favorite!!!

* Call me a nerd, but I like to make a check list when I am deep cleaning. I like to make a list of each thing that needs to be done. I really don't know why I do this... maybe because I am usually stopped several times while cleaning so it keeps me on track. And it sure feels good when I check off the last "to do"!!! =)

* Another thing I like doing and Ryan helps... each night we clean/pick up super fast for 10 minutes. It works. We start at a certain time and both clean our hearts out for 10 minutes on the dot. Once time is up- we're done, we continue on with our night!!! It's amazing how much we accomplish during this period.

So, I don't have the best- but they help and work for us!!!

You can head over to Kelly's Korner to read others.

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