Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So we had Brenna's first softball game lastnight. It is very different from t-ball but she loved it!!! It is also very different than baseball (what we are use to since Bryson has been playing for years now). The girls are so cute, and they cheer the whole time. Brenna is one of the youngest on her team... there are 6-8 years old on her team, and she just turned 6, so this is a huge learning experience for her. She did so awesome, we are so proud of her. She hit both times she was up to bat and scored 2 points. Brenna's team won 10-6. Here are just a few pictures I took.

Above, was after her first hit. When she was running into home, she decided she would slide eventhough it was not needed (the ball was no where in sight). She's got the sliding down from watching her brother so much. Well, kind of. =)
Bentley playing with Bryson and his friends.

Here is the adorable shirt we had made for Bentley. She has one for Brenna and Bryson. Brenna is #11 and she wants everyone to know that!!! A big huge thank you to Kristin for such an awesome job on the shirts. I was in AWE when the shirts came in... they were absolutely PERFECT!!! We could not be more happy with them. Can't wait for her to wear Bryson's this weekend!!! Thanks so much Kristin!!! =)
You know, the girl loves her CHEETOS!!!
Bentley and Grandma snacking...

Go BRENNA!!! =)
I love the above picture. She never even touched home plate... she ran home and cut it short to head for the dugout. Too funny!!! The little girl in yellow is standing on home and Brenna is a mile away. I don't think anyone noticed but us. She was safe!!! =)

Oh this is another favorite. She is playing second base here and not even budging while you see the girl in yellow running by to second. In her defense the play was being made at first. I love this girl!!! These pictures really show the age difference. She is learning and some of these kids have played for a couple of years already.

I can't believe she is old enough to play sports. They grow too fast. Ryan and I noticed her pony tail in this one.. it's tucked under the hat. =) When they bat they take their hats off and she's not use to putting it on. =)

We had so much fun!!! Can't wait for the next game.

Other than softball and baseball we haven't had much going on. I haven't been feeling so great this week. I think the time change is catching up on me. It definitely makes those 4:30 mornings harder... I have actually been waking up at 5:30 this week and think I might keep going to workout at that time. It cuts workout time in half and I am rushing home to wake the kids and hubby in time for school and work but it feels better. I noticed when everyone was posting their schedules a lot of your little ones start school at 9:00am... that sounds great to me. I am very jealous, our schools start at 8:00am and it's so hard to have everyone ready and for the kids to even wake up earlier enough for everyone to get ready. I'm curious... if you have time, comment and let me know, what time your kids school start? And where do you live? you don't have to tell me the town, just state.

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