Friday, April 23, 2010


So I absolutely love getting to know my blog readers... well I recently connect with a friend on twitter... we got to talking and we have so much in common. We both live in Texas, we both have 3 children (all same ages), we both have 9 year old boys, both of our boys play sports, both of our boys play select baseball, and now... in a week both of our 9 year old boys will be playing select/travel baseball against each other!!!! How neat is that!!! We don't really live too close, but since our boys teams travel we have the opportunity of meeting each other and running into each other quite a few times. I am so excited!!!

The person I am talking about is Shannon, you can visit her blog here. She also has a super cute boutique/website that I came across a while back... crazy how small this world really is. I pretty much love EVERYTHING on her website- very very cute!!! She is actually having 2 giveaways this month, you can read details on how to enter at her website.

I know many of you have mentioned you have children that play select ball, etc. but either different states... or different age group. I'm also sure there are many of you that have children that play that have never mentioned it...

I would LOVE to hear what your child plays, age group, etc... who knows... we might be able to meet or we might have already played against each other just didn't know it!!!!!!

I look forward to hearing from you!!!!!

Have a good weekend friends!!! We are off to celebrate Bryson's birthday tomorrow at his party. We will be taking 3 of Bryson's good friends with us to a special place. I look forward to spending my day with my hubby and 4 cute 9 year olds!!!!
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