Monday, April 26, 2010


This weekend Bryson choose to take a few of his friends to the Texas Rangers baseball game for his birthday party. It was such a blast for everyone- and I know I mentioned I would be meeting one of my blog friends next week, but I really got to meet her this week and we will meet up again next week. Too fun!!!

We went to Joe's Crab Shack for some shrimp before the game. It's always so good!! As soon as we walked in the boys noticed a TV with a basketball game on and ran to watch a little while they were getting our table ready.

They had such a good time there!! Bryson is one of the youngest of his friends and you can really tell when they are all together.. notice him on his tippy toes below making sure he was in the picture. ha!!!

Once we were at the game we met my dear blog friend Shannon and now real life friend. Her brother actually plays for the Texas Rangers... David Murphy #7. She surprised Bryson with a HUGE birthday present.... a signed ball by David Murphy himself. Bryson was pretty much in shock as she handed it to him telling him what it was. He was absolutley speechless.

They went above and beyond for us... we thank Shannon and her brother soooo very much. It pretty much made this his favorite birthday party evah!!!

Yes, still in shock... and still speechless!!!

David Murphy wrote... "Happy 9th Birthday Bryson - David Murphy #7" How cool is that!!!!

Thanks again Shannon for making this happen!!! It was so great meeting Shannon... she is so much fun and very sweet. We didn't get to talk long because we had to find our seats, but we have a ton in common... and that just might be because we are both Texas girls.
Her son also plays in select/travel baseball and her son Blake and Bryson (my son) will be going head to head in a tournament this weekend!!! HA!!! Too fun- we can't wait!!!

Found our seats... way up at the very top!!! You can see in the top right of the picture where the seating ends. Yep, we're up there. I was a little dizzy at first (ha!!)but the boys did not seem to mind.
This was such a great idea for Bryson's party. He actually invited 2 other boys including these but they were unable to make it. It really worked out for the best because it got a little pricey. 4 is a good number to take and we will remember that in the future.

In between innings they do fun little things and at this moment they asked everyone to show their muscles while a camera went around showing people in the stadium. The camera never showed the boys but they didn't mind that either. They kept me laughing the whole game, they were so much fun!!!

Towards the end... I think the boys were getting tired, it was late. We had such a fun time as did the boys. Can't wait to go to our next game!!! Below is a video clip I recorded... they had no idea. I was laughing so hard while recording this so please ignore any shaking of the camara. There was lots of dancing going on during this game.. this is just the only time I caught a little of it on camera.

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