Monday, April 12, 2010


I don't have long this morning, but wanted to hurry and post these pictures. Here are just a few from one of our Easter gatherings...

It was Bentley's first time to do the egg hunt and she was such a pro.

Brenna and Bryson usually end up turning it into a race to see who can get the most in the shortest amount of time. Kids will be kids!!!

Daddy helping Bentley, although she did not need much help... he pretty much only followed her carring her basket and she would walk around and find the eggs.

She was too cute. Anytime she would spot an egg, she would say "uhhhh uhhhh!!!!" and run over to snatch it up.

Bryson and Brenna are so fast, I got a couple of pictures but it's not easy being in 3 places at once. Thank God for grandparents!! I still need to get with my mom and get some of her pictures.
Such a girly girl and tom boy at the same time, pure craziness!!!

I love love love this picture. She has been making this face a lot lately

Just so you can see how BIG Bentley is. She's growing like a weed!!!

Well, gotta run!!! Housework is calling my name!!!!
Have a great day!!!!
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