Thursday, May 27, 2010


So much going on right now... ok, so here it goes....

- Ryan's grandfather passed away yesterday afternoon. We are waiting to hear about funeral arrangements and then we will be on our way to Kansas. This has been a tough time for us. Ryan lost his other grandpa 9 years ago to cancer as well. I also lost my Pawpaw to cancer 3 years ago. All amazing men. It's a horrible horrible experience... and we seem to keep reliving it over and over. I know that sounds very selfish of me, but it's just hard. I often don't feel strong enough to be a "grown up". Since we live in Texas and his grandpa and family lives in Kansas we have not seen them in quite a while. It has been hard for Ryan to go through this without being there with his grandpa and being able to tell him goodbye. As soon as we get the word we will load up and head North. It will be a hard visit for us... he hasn't seen some family in a few years .. cousins and their children.. some we have never met. So this will be very hard... please keep us in your prayers for safe travels. We are driving and it's about a 10 hour drive.

- Remember Christie (I asked you to pray for)? She also passed away yesterday... about 3am. She is ONLY 31 happily married with 3 beautiful young children. Her oldest is Bryson's age and also very active in select/travel baseball. I do not know them well but have seen them out and about often... they are all just beautiful people and you can just see the love they share for each other. My heart aches so bad for these children and her husband. I can't imagine what they are going through but I have heard the children and husband are having a hard time. Please keep them in your prayers. In case you did not read the post about her... she had breast cancer and it spread. She fought a long and hard fight, as did Ryan's grandpa.

- I have bee having computer issues which is another reason I have not been posting. Well, I really think it's issues with my internet provider because my computer as well as Bryson's are having the same problems connecting. I am on my computer now but it has taken me SOOO long to even try to post this and I'm not sure it will even go through. It is slower than dial up IF it even connects. With everything going on, I just haven't put out the time or energy to get it fixed yet.

- We celebrated Bentley's "Happy Heart Day" (open heart surgery day) one week ago on May 20. WOW- can't believe it has already been a year. Before I was having internet problems I did look back and read the post during those couple of weeks. It was so bittersweet, and the tears were flowing. Bentley is such a trooper!!! So proud of that girl. My plan was to post all about it however my computer/internet had a different plan.

- Tuesday, May 25 was our anniversary. Again, wanted to post but computer/internet had a different plan. We had such a great anniversary, if you have been reading my blog you know that Ryan is a "tough guy" so to speak and not your average romantic. So when he tries (and he does-often), it's really cute and I love that about him. We had a great day... the kids had school and we had baseball practice all night so we did not have a "date night"... we planned on doing that this weekend but we will have to reschedule since we are going to Kansas. We really had an awesome anniversary and I am married to one amazing man... I don't need a "date night" because I get to spend every night with him and that's even better.

- The kids will be out of school soon and I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to it. We are all in need of a break. However the sports will continue (kids choice- they were not up for a break from that). Bryson runs track every year and that practice started last night. Brenna only has one softball game left, which will be a nice break. So we will be in select/travel baseball and track until fall.

I think that's everything for now. I am sure I left something out... just a lot going on right now. I am hoping to have my internet fixed very very soon... it will remain on my to do list until we return from Kansas. I access the internet through my phone so I will continue to post small updates on twitter. You can follow me @YouMePlusThree I will continue to check email on my phone and pretty much everything. It's just hard to post to my blog on my phone.. but I will probably have access to internet on my laptop while away... just not sure.

I am signing off now... I have tons to do just wanted to give you all updates. Thank you so much for the prayers for Ryan's family, safe travels, and Christie's family... I know they need them and appreciate them.
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